XREI – Reitis Token is People’s Freedom of Choice

  • June 4, 2023
Reitis Defi Token

XREI Token – The easiest way to real estate ownership!

Reitis Token Technical Characteristic:

XREI TOKEN — Fully decentralised;
XREI smart contract will be transferred to the public, for 100% decentralization, trust, transparency, and increased security of investments.

Token’s Unique CODE FEATURES:

– BEP-20 standard compliant
– Deflationary (anti-inflation)
– Ownable (for renunciation to private ownership)
– Burnable (anti-inflation)
– Swappable (LP)
– Anti-whale protected


– Private sale 51% = 102,000,000 tokens (66% locked for 6 mo.)
– Marketing 32% = 64,000,000 tokens
– Team 5% = 10,000,000 tokens (70% locked)
– Web3 Apps 5% = 10,000,000 tokens (locked for the first 9 mo.)
– Reserve fund 7% = 14,000,000 (locked for the first 9 mo.)

TOTAL SUPPLY 100% = 200,000,000

Reitis Token’s USABILITY within Reitis Ecosystem

Real-world assets (RWAs) are fungible or non-fungible tokens that represent traditional financial assets on the blockchain. By using blockchain technology, real-world asset tokenization is the process of bringing these assets on-chain as utility tokens. Any asset of value can be tokenized and utilized on-chain in transactions.

The Usability of Reitis Utility Token [XREI]

Medium of exchange (Currency): Simple access to Reitis platforms, services, and products within Reitis ecosystem.
Medium of exchange (POS Payments): POS payments with XREI and BTC, for future mass adoption;  XREI tokens can be used for transactions and payments similar to traditional currencies.
Decentralized Finance (DeFi) / Investment: XREI Token is enabling trading on decentralised exchanges (DEXs); Buy tokens as an investment.
Rewards and Incentives: XREI Tokens to be used to reward users for specific actions or contributions, fostering participation and engagement.

Multiple Transaction on DEXs and Marketplaces

Buying: buy and deposit XREI tokens to earn yields;
Trading: earn fees by trading on DEXs (create liquidity);
Farming: deposit LP tokens, lock them up, earn rewards;
Staking: create nodes, secure the network, yield rewards;
Autotrading: Use Reitis ATS (Automated Trading Software);
Real Estate RWA NFTs: RWA (Real world asset) property NFTs;
Reitis Metaverse: Travel adventures to the exotic islands and the cities where Reitis Community owns properties (both virtual and physical).

Next Growth of XREI Token’s Usability

– Asset Representation: Reitis NFT Tokens will represent assets like real estate and gold, providing even more liquidity and accessibility.
– Creating integrated Communities around the token: circular economy groups unified in micro biofarms (bio agriculture) and biohomes, social enterprises, etc.
– When the number of Community Members will be high, at least 100k people, that Community will create the Reitis Social Enterprise (RSE) globally, (as real Real Estate Corporation of People). All profits generated by Reitis Social Enterprise will go to its members, who will be able to use gained capital for creating new social projects, companies, and jobs in their countries.

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