Reitis Tokenomics (Token Economics)

In real estate industry, tokens can represent:

  • – ownership in the underlying asset,
  • – equity in a legal structure that owns the asset,
  • – an interest in a lending contract,
  • – a debt secured by the real estate,
  • – a stream of income based on cash flows from the asset, and more.

Reitis is a crowd investment and Premium real estate development business model which raises debt by lending, where original amount is being repaid plus interest. To Investors, Reitis offers ownership and revenue sharing (interest) in sustainable real estate development projects.

REITIS TOKEN [XREI] falls under Utility Token category and it represents
the value of a fractional number of Square Meters of a Property.

1 XREI = €800 => Initial Value of 1m2 of a Property.


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