Terms and Conditions


These Terms and Conditions for Use of My.Reitiscapital.com Platform reflect the way Services are offered by the Reitis Capital, and authorize the legal relations between the registered Users of the Platform and Services offered by the Reitis Capital, arising from the usage of My.Reitiscapital.com Platform.

1. Acceptance of Terms of Use

1.1 By using this website (“Platform”), registering for a My.Reitiscapital.com account (“Account”) or using any other services, products, data, content or other material available through the Site (“Services”) and provided by Reitis Capital (“we”, “us”, “our”), you (“you, your, or yourself”) are agreeing to accept and comply with the terms and conditions of use stated below (“Terms and Conditions” or “Terms of Use” or “Terms”). You should read the entire Terms and Conditions carefully before using this Site or any of the Services.

2. About Reitis Capital OU and the Services

2.1. Reitis Capital OU is incorporated in Estonia with the company number 14952827 and with its registered office at Pärnu mnt.139c, Tallinn, 11317, Estonia.

2.2. Services provided by the Platform:

2.2.1. The Platform offers its Users the opportunity to invest in premium real estate projects developed by the Reitis Capital Group of Companies. The investment in the form of a loan generates an annual interest of 11%.

2.2.2. Registered user can keep the investment in form of fiat currency or can convert the investment in a digital asset (token). With the Reitis utility token [XREI] created by using in-house Reitis Ledger technology, we offer total transparency on the invested capital and high liquidity to real estate investment.

2.2.3. Though the digitalization of Reitis Capital’s actual construction and real estate development business we have designed unique products (tools) in order to offer Fractional Property Ownership (FPO) and Passive Income Investment Plan (PIIP) to all crowd (non-accredited) and accredited investors.

2.2.4. The platform’s Users can become Customers and buy, at promotional prices, premium apartments built by Reitis Capital.

3. Use of My.Reitiscapital.com Platform

3.1. To use the services offered by My.Reitiscapital.com Platform, it is necessary to register as a Platform User in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

3.2. Once registered, the User accepts the following:

3.2.1. Only use the Platform in accordance with these Terms and Conditions;

3.2.2. The User must be responsible for securing his own computer and assets;

3.2.3. Provide My.Reitiscapital.com Platform with accurate information and keep it updated;

3.2.4. Do not make unauthorized alterations or introduce any kind of malicious code to the Website or Platform by any means;

3.2.5. Disguise or interfere in any way with the IP address of the computer the User is using to access the Website or otherwise prevent us from correctly identifying the actual IP address of the computer the User is using whilst accessing the Website and/or Platform;

3.2.6. Use the Platform for any purpose that is unlawful, including any fraudulent use;

3.2.7. Use bots, gaming algorithms or other automated methods to access or engage with the Website or Platform;

3.2.8. Use the Website or Platform to simulate communications from us or another service or entity in order to collect identity information, authentication credentials or other information; and,

3.2.9. Use the Website or Platform in any manner that disrupts their operation or causes it to fail.

4. User’s Account

4.1. In order to use My.Reitiscapital.com Platform, a person is required to register a User account in his/her name. A person applying for registration of a User Account is required to submit to the Platform Operator any and all information that the Platform Operator requests. The Platform Operator has the right to refuse to open a User Account.

4.2. By commencing the use of My.Reitiscapital.com Platform, the User confirms to have read the Terms and Conditions, understood them, and agreed to them.

4.3. The Platform reserves the right to amend or supplement the Terms and Conditions or lay down additional conditions. These amendments and supplementations shall enter into force from the moment when the User has agreed with the new Terms and Conditions via My.Reitiscapital.com Platform.

4.4. Upon registering a User Account, a person enters their contact information and other data required by My.Reitiscapital.com Service Provider into the respective environment and selects a unique User’s password.

4.5. To enter My.Reitiscapital.com Platform, a User is required to enter their username (email) and password.

4.6. In order to submit contracts/agreements and give approvals that bear legal consequences, the Service Provider may request the verification of the User’s signature via ID card, Mobile-ID, bank link or mobile communication or any other authentication method.

5. Reitis Capital Clients

5.1. Reitis Capital platform embraces 2 types of Users:
– The Investor (Investor status), including Reitis Business Associate (see chapter 11).
– The Buyer (Customer status).

5.1.1 Investor’s Status
The investor receives for his investment a fixed annual interest of 11%, his investment is guaranteed by square meters owned in a certain property, at the price of €800. The investor owns a square meter of property (or a fraction of a m2), which generates an interest rate of 11% until the sale of that square meter to someone else, on the XREI open market or back to Reitis Capital, if accepted by us. Once the sale is made, the investor receives the equivalent value of the area (in square meters) held at the price of €800, plus interest that remains to be drawn and has the opportunity to invest in another Reitis Capital project or use those gains as he wishes. If the property in which he invests is intended for tenants (apartments for rent, office buildings, student houses, hotels), the investor can keep purchased square meters (m2) (those that generate interest of 11% / year), until which Reitis Capital decides to sell that property. If the User chooses to use the blockchain technology type of investment, the investor receives the equivalent value of the square meters held in that building (1m2 = XREI) and the interest that was not drawn (taken) until that moment.

5.1.2. Customer’s Status
The home buyer (Final User) is the one who buys a property for his own use, which he retains for himself or rents. The buyer has the opportunity to buy properties at a promotional price or at the full price, displayed at the time of purchasing the property.

5.1.3. Change of Status
A Reitis Capital User has the possibility to change his status from Investor to Final Customer.
If the investor wants to permanently buy the area in square meters owned in a certain property (valid only for buildings intended for sale), the User changes state and becomes the final customer. At this moment, the area in m2 owned no longer generates interest and will be purchased at the property price displayed at that time.

5.1.4. Example: User Z owns 50 m2 in a certain property. The value of the investment is 50 m2 x €800 (1 XREI) = €40,000. This amount generates an annual interest of 11%. If after 2 years the user Z wants to buy the 50 m2, he pays the difference up to the sale price of the property at that moment. If the property has a sale price of 1500€ / m2, Z pays Reitis Capital another 700 euro / m2 (the difference between an XREI and the sale price at that time) and thus becomes the owner of that house (apartment or house).

6. Reitis Wallet – The Digitalization of Real Estate Business

6.1. On the Platform, one XREI utility token has a stable value of €800, the equivalent of a purchased square meter of property (house, apartment, office space, commercial building, etc.). On My.Reitiscapital.com Platform, Investors can purchase fractions of one square meter, not less than 0.125 sq.m (€100 value). As Reitis token has 8 decimals, any other fraction of XREI can be purchased on the secondary market, the real estate market thus becoming an extremely liquid one.

6.2. In exchange for the amount invested, the User can choose to receive digital assets (XREI utility tokens). The advantages of converting the investment into XREI are the following:

6.2.1. The User can redeem the invested amount by selling the XREI digital asset on the secondary market, before the 2-year term (principal retention period).

6.2.2. The User can take advantage of the increase of the XREI value on the exchanges (secondary market) where it is listed. It can sell for a price higher than €800, depending on the XREI price on the secondary market at the time of sale.

6.3. Reitis Web Wallet is a user-friendly software wallet, accessible on PC and smartphone, with the following main features:

6.3.1. Interacts with Reitis Blockchain to enable users to send and receive XREI tokens;

6.3.2. Monitors users investment balances and shows users investment statistics;

6.3.3. Encrypted and personalized private keys;

6.3.4. Enabling 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) for PC and cell phone;

6.4. Reitis Wallet Use and Security is very IMPORTANT to the entire Reitis Community.

6.5. If Reitis User has chosen to invest through the digital asset version (not the traditional crowdfunding), in order to generate interest and to protect his/her XREI assets, the User must complete the following steps:

6.5.1. Create an account on https://wallet.reitiscapital.com

6.5.2. Login on https://wallet.reitiscapital.com

6.5.3. Secure the web wallet by activating 2-factor authentication

6.5.4. Click on Support above and make a note of your Key. It will be used to help identify you if you ever forget your password. This code also changes every time you change your password. Support Key will appear at the top left of the screen (above Reitis Wallet).

6.5.5. After logging in, click on the “Get a new address” button

6.5.6. Download and install the wallet (Windows version) on your desktop or laptop.

6.5.7. In order to be able to make a stake (interest), you must transfer the coins from the online account (web wallet) to the wallet on your PC / Laptop. To do this, after you have installed the wallet, enter the “Receive Coins” menu and copy your address.

6.5.8. Insert the Reitis address (previously copied from the wallet on the PC) into the Reitis account (web wallet) in the “Send Funds” field. Select the amount of REITIS you want to transfer, then click the “Send” button.

6.6. For increased security, we recommend encrypting the wallet with a strong password consisting of at least 7-8 characters, containing numbers, at least one capital letter and at least one special character (for example the “&” character or “#”).

6.7. To prevent accidental loss of coins, we recommend that you back up the wallet.dat file. To do this, in the File menu, click on the “Backup Wallet” submenu. Select a safe location (even an external, offline source: memory stick, portable HDD, etc.).

6.8. Stocold Staking Wallet offers “cold storage”, a feature where User can keep their private keys on an offline device, and use a “eyes-only” type wallet when online. Stocold is an in-house made high security hardware for cold staking of 11% permanent stake (interest), from where XREI digital asset (tokens), which can be traded on secondary markets.

6.9. For total transparency, the smart contract with all transactions and the digital version of this agreement, as well as the proof of its existence, is registered on Reitis Explorer: https://explorer.reitiscapital.com/ and on other network validators, as it will be seen on User’s dashboard.

6.10. After 2 years from the signing of the contract, Reitis Capital redeems, at the price of €800, the digital asset (XREI) contracted by the User. In order to receive the fiat (euro) equivalent, the User must return (sell) XREI tokens back to the Reitis Capital account (wallet).

6.11. The user can sell contractually the Reitis utility token [XREI] before the period of 2 years, or after this period on the secondary markets (exchanges) where XREI is listed, at the actual price on that market. The User decides whether to sell XREI back to Reitis Capital or sell it on that market.

6.12. The contract is declared cancelled at the moment when the User sells legally (as in 6.12) the amount of XREI – related to that contract – to a third person or institution.

6.13. The 11% interest rate, guaranteed by the contract, is generated by the XREI digital asset (token) in the desktop wallet (wallet on PC or laptop). In order to take the immediate possession of the amounts obtained from the interest (in fiat currency), the User can sell to Reitis Capital the XREI tokens generated from the interest. The XREI conversion from the interest is made at the price of €800 for 1 XREI. The user can “withdraw” the interest each month, by selling to Reitis Capital the amounts generated by the interest in the desktop wallet (from the computer), or can sell XREI generated from interest on a secondary market (exchange), or can sell to a third parties.

6.14. Any attempt at double spending for the principal and for interest generated by the XREI digital asset will be sanctioned according to article 10 (completed with the article number from the terms or contract).

6.15. VERY IMPORTANT! In the following situations, the User cannot request the redemption of XREI from Reitis Capital:

6.15.1. Have sent XREI from web wallet to desktop (PC or laptop) and have forgotten / lost the wallet password;

6.15.2. If he changed his password on the desktop wallet (on the PC/laptop) and forgot it;

6.15.3. Have sent XREI from the wallet to a third party (friend, collaborator, business partner, etc.);

6.15.4. If he lost his laptop, or if his hard disk on which the wallet is installed was damaged and he did not make a backup;

6.15.5. If the withdrawal address was wrong, when sending XREI from web wallet to desktop wallet, that transaction will be rejected and those XREI will remain in a state of conflict.

6.15.6. If it tries to send XREI to an address in an exchange where XREI is not listed;

6.16. In some cases, if the desktop wallet is out of sync (if a firewall or antivirus is installed) and you try to send XREI, it will give an error (the wallet will interpret that you want to double spending). This issue it will be solved by Reitis Team if you contact us by email or on Support page.

6.17. Reitis Capital guarantees the redemption of XREI at the price of €800 for 1 XREI, regardless of the XREI price on the exchanges in which it is listed. The redemption of XREI at the guaranteed price is made under the conditions stipulated in article 6.11, 6.12, and 6.14.

7. Development Stages and Investment Process

7.1. Reitis Capital Users can invest in one of the four stages of project development. Each stage has its peculiarities and are described below.

7.1.1. First Stage Developments – The Land Acquisition
In this stage we list lands on which we are going to erect different buildings, depending on the characteristics of respective area. There is a limited term in which Users can place money in the first stage, this term is 6 months. If the amount needed to acquire the land is not collected in time (6 month), the money will be returned to investors, who can opt for an investment in another project. If the amount is collected on time, the project moves to the second stage. The investment made is guaranteed by square meters in that purchased property.

7.1.2. Second Stage Developments – Planning & Design
For investing here, Users get the equivalent of square meters of the building that planned, designed and will be built on the designated land. The investment made is guaranteed by square meters in that purchased property. After the project is authorized, the customer’s guarantee is transferred to the future edifice to be built. The value of a square meter is calculated at €800.

7.1.3. Third Stage Developments – Construction & Renovation
For investing here, Users get the equivalent of square meters of the building which is in the process of construction or renovation. The investment made is guaranteed by square meters in that purchased property. The value of a square meter of property is calculated at €800.

7.1.4. Fourth Stage of Developments – Rent
For investing on the Platform, Users get the equivalent of square meters of the existing apartment/house for rent. The investment made is guaranteed by square meters in that purchased property. The value of a square meter of property is calculated at €800.

7.1.5. Reitis Capital reserves the right to sell the properties from the patrimony at any time, at which point it returns the amount invested by the User plus the contractual interest. After the property is sold and the Users receive the invested amount, the guarantee for square meters related to the invested amount has ended. The amount returned to the User can be reinvested in another active project, listed on the my.reitiscapital.com platform.

7.1.6. In the description of the listed projects you will find the number of the stage in which a certain project is. From the list of active projects, the User can choose a project to invest in. At the details of the project there is the option “invest” through which the User will be transferred to a new page where he chooses the payment methods and the amount you want to invest.

7.2. The amounts invested by the Users are retained by Reitis Capital for 2 years, during which the listed projects are developed. Under the law, the investor may assign (transfer) the contract to another person, knowingly and with the consent of Reitis before the retention period of two years.

8. Fees and Expenses

8.1. Expenses and fees related to the use of the Platform shall be paid by the User according to My.Reitiscapital.com price list. Fees and expenses from the price list will be withheld without an additional authorization from the User.

8.2. Unless stated otherwise in the principal loan terms, the User undertakes to pay the following fees to the Platform Service Provider:

8.2.1. Fees according to the Loan Agreement, the Agreement, and other agreements;

8.2.2. All costs related to the conclusion of Loan, mortgage, and pledge agreements (incl. registration of pledges or mortgages);

8.3. Price list (Costs):

8.3.1. Account management fee: 0.00 EUR

8.3.2. Making an investment: 0.00 EUR

8.3.3. Contract fee: 0.00 EUR

8.3.4. Bank transfer: According to the pricing of service provider.

8.4. Additional Costs:

8.4.1. Realization of the documentation and release of the real estate guarantee by an agent of Reitis Capital: €250 +VAT.

8.4.2. Notary fees for the establishment of the real estate guarantee: According to the price list of notary services.

9. Payments

9.1. Through the Platform, from the personal account, the User can execute transactions. All payment methods available to the customer are easy to use and have training lessons (text and/or video).

9.2. The customer may transfer funds to Reitis Capital OU only from a bank account registered in the customer’s name in an authorized credit or payment institution, which is registered or operates in a European state or in a state where measures have been implemented equivalents to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing. In case a transfer has been made to Reitis Capital from a bank account that does not belong to the respective Customer or does not meet other conditions, Reitis Capital will have the right to transfer the amount back to the person who made the transfer and ask the customer to reimburse the expenses related to payment (automatically deducting them from the customer’s account).

9.3. After the transaction is verified by the Platform Operators, and it is found that it corresponds to the terms and conditions, the investment is accepted and is registered in the personal account of the User. The process can take up to a few days (1 to 5), depending on the payment method chosen by the customer.

9.4. The Operator of the My.retiscapital.com platform will have the right to request documents confirming the conformity of the bank account from which the transfer is made.

9.5. Reitis Capital OU will make payments to the User only in the bank account registered by the User. The customer has the right to request payments only in the bank account registered in the customer’s name in a credit or authorized payment institution, which is registered or operates in a state where equivalent measures have been implemented to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing.

9.6. Reitis Capital has the right to refuse to make a payment to the bank account that does not belong to the User or that does not meet other conditions imposed by these terms and conditions.

9.7. The User shall cover the transfer expenses for the transfers made by the User to the Reitis Capital OU. Expenses related to the payments made by the Reitis Capital to the User and other expenses related to the payments made for the purposes of execution of transactions and activities by the User shall be reimbursed to the Reitis Capital by the User according to the price list established by the Reitis Capital. Reitis Capital shall have the unilateral right to change the price list by publishing the new price list in My.Reitiscapital.com Platform at least 5 (five) working days before its entry into force.

9.8. If the User chooses to convert the investment into XREI digital assets, then Reitis Capital makes payments to Users only according to articles 6.11, 6.12, and 6.14.

10. General Rights and Obligations of the User

10.1. In addition to other obligations set forth in the Terms and Conditions, the User shall be obliged:

10.1.1. Not to use My.Reitiscapital.com Platform for illegal transactions or activities, including fraud, money laundering, terrorist financing or other similar activities;

10.1.2. To use My.Reitiscapital.com Platform through web browsers intended for general purposes. It is forbidden to use, including but not limited to, robots, spiders, scrapers and other automatic data entry and processing devices;

10.1.3. To submit only truthful data and information upon registering the User Account. The User shall be liable for the damages caused by the violation of the obligation set forth herein with respect to My.Reitiscapital.com Platform and other Users. My.Reitiscapital.com Platform does not verify the correctness of the information submitted by the Users and shall not take any responsibility for the correctness and truthfulness of the data submitted by the Users;

10.1.4. To safeguard the data and devices necessary for logging in to the User Account of My.Reitiscapital.com Platform, including the ID card, respective passwords and User IDs and authentication devices in a manner that prevents third parties from gaining possession of them. However, if a third party enters My.Reitiscapital.com Platform through User Account, any and all provisions arising from the Terms and Conditions shall apply;

10.1.5. To inform My.Reitiscapital.com Platform immediately about the risk of unauthorized use of the User Account that may occur;

10.1.6. To inform My.Reitiscapital.com Platform as soon as possible of any changes in the data submitted upon opening the User Account.

10.2. In addition to other rights set forth in the Terms and Conditions, a registered User shall have the right to:

10.2.1. Use the functionalities of My.Reitiscapital.com Platform if the User complies with the requirements established for using the specific functionality;

10.2.2. Review the User data saved by My.Reitiscapital.com Platform, amend such data, and request My.Reitiscapital.com Platform to cease processing.

10.3. The User cannot sell the same XREI token asset, elsewhere (on exchange or another person) and, at the same time, to Reitis Capital. This is classified as a double spending attempt and attracts a penalty equal to the amount claimed by the User to multiply by 10. Thus the User who sells his digital asset to a third-party and then tries to redeem it from Reitis Capital is guilty of “double spending” and will pay to Reitis Capital the amount that is the subject of the contract (so which was attempted to sell or sold to third parties) multiplied by 10.

11. Reitis Business Associate

11.1 The Reitis Business Associate (Affiliate/Referral) program is based on recommendation. In order to benefit from someone’s recommendation, user must have a partner code which can be found in user’s account on the Platform, after the user make an investment of at least €100 in one of the listed active real estate development projects listed on the Platform.

11.2 When someone registers on the Platform with a partner code and makes an investment, the user immediately receives a 5% commission on his/her account from the value invested by that person. The amounts from the investments are commissioned only once with 5%, and only if they come after the registration with a partner code).

11.3 Users can withdraw the amount obtained from the commission immediately or can invest it in one of Reitis listed real estate development projects.

12. Collection and Use of Your Data

12.1. Privacy is very important to us. Full details of our Privacy Policy can be found at Privacy Policy on Company’s website. We recommend that you read the Privacy Policy carefully, and agree with it, so that you know the data that we collect, how we use the data and who we share your data with.

12.2. A User, who is a private person, has the right to withdraw their consent for processing personal data at any time. The person may request the cease of processing the personal data, terminate the access to the data and request deletion or closing the collected personal data. This is possible if the User has no on-going process of concluding an agreement via the Platform and no valid agreement concluded via the Platform, and provided that the legal acts do not oblige the Platform Service Provider to save data. Upon withdrawing the consent to process personal data the respective User Account shall be closed.

13. Intellectual Property

13.1. Any and all intellectual property rights to My.Reitiscapital.com Platform, including the structure, web design elements, texts and other components of My.Reitiscapital.com Platform, and the intellectual property rights related to them (including the intellectual property rights to trademarks, logos, brands, software, databases, news, messages, texts, graphic, musicals and other design) belong to My.Reitiscapital.com Platform, unless the rights of another person are referred to with regard to a component, or information has been entered by the Users of My.Reitiscapital.com Platform. Users shall not be allowed to change, reproduce, disseminate, process, translate, make extracts from, forward, include in other databases or make public My.Reitiscapital.com Platform or any of its contents or components or use it in any other manner that is beyond the intended purposes of My.Reitiscapital.com Platform without the prior written consent of My.Reitiscapital.com Platform. The Resources published on the User’s dashboard can be used for marketing purposes without a written consent.

13.2. The User shall not be allowed to grant sub-licenses for using My.Reitiscapital.com Platform or any of its contents or components or create new objects of intellectual property based on them.

13.3. The Users are allowed to publish only such material in My.Reitiscapital.com Platform for which they have intellectual property rights to the extent that is necessary for publishing or marketing the respective materials in My.Reitiscapital.com Platform. A User shall be fully responsible for the materials published in My.Reitiscapital.com Platform by them.

13.4. With publishing of any material in My.Reitiscapital.com Platform, the User shall give their unconditional and free consent to My.Reitiscapital.com Platform to store, disseminate and publish such material in accordance with the Terms and Conditions and to change or process in any other manner to the extent that is necessary for the intended use of My.Reitiscapital.com Platform.

14. Liability

14.1. Among other, My.Reitiscapital.com Platform is not liable for:

14.1.1. The scope, content, suitability and enforceability of contracts and other legal documents used in the Platform, including those used for the carrying out of transactions through My.Reitiscapital.com Platform.

14.1.2. Any bugs or disruptions that occur in My.Reitiscapital.com Platform or amendments made in My.Reitiscapital.com Platform or the consequences of termination of the operation of My.Reitiscapital.com Platform.

14.1.3. Any circumstances that derive from or depend on the identity of a User.

14.1.4. Any non-patrimonial damages, loss of profit or other indirect losses, or other damages caused as a result of its conduct other than intentional misconduct.

14.2. My.Reitiscapital.com Platform shall not be liable to other Users or third parties if a User violates an obligation set forth in the Terms and Conditions, any other agreement concluded with My.Reitiscapital.com Platform, legal act or agreement concluded between Users.

14.3. If a User causes damages to My.Reitiscapital.com Platform by violating any of the obligations, the User shall be obliged to fully compensate the respective damages to My.Reitiscapital.com Platform at first request.

14.4. My.Reitiscapital.com Platform shall not be liable for the damages that were caused to a User or third parties in relation to the fact that My.Reitiscapital.com Platform used their legal remedies (e.g. removed information from My.Reitiscapital.com Platform or limited access to it, limited or restricted User’s access to their User Account or My.Reitiscapital.com Platform).

14.5. My.Reitiscapital.com Platform shall not be liable for temporary interruption in the access to My.Reitiscapital.com Platform or its functionality.

14.6. My.Reitiscapital.com Platform shall be liable only for the direct patrimonial damages to the User caused by violation of the obligations of My.Reitiscapital.com Platform due to gross negligence or intent. Other damages or loss of profit shall not be subject to compensation.

15. Duration of Use of the Platform and Termination of Use

15.1. User Accounts in My.Reitiscapital.com Platform are opened without term. If a User has no Loan Agreement or any other valid agreements concluded via My.Reitiscapital.com Platform and User no longer wish to use My.Reitiscapital.com Platform, User can close the Account without advance notice.

15.2. My.Reitiscapital.com Platform shall have the right to limit or cancel a User’s right to use My.Reitiscapital.com Platform and close a User Account, as well as to terminate an agreement concluded with a User at any time without advance notice if it appears that:

15.2.1. The User violates or has violated the Terms and Conditions or any other User obligations;

15.2.2. The User does not accept new Terms and Conditions upon first logging in to My.Reitiscapital.com Platform after the new Terms and Conditions have been made available in My.Reitiscapital.com Platform;

15.2.3. The User has submitted to My.Reitiscapital.com Platform or other Users data and/or information that is incorrect, misleading, and/or inaccurate;

15.2.4. Upon using My.Reitiscapital.com Platform, the User behaves in bad faith, without dignity, illegally or in contradiction with the moral standards recognised in the society;

15.2.5. The User has not provided to My.Reitiscapital.com Platform the information that My.Reitiscapital.com Platform requires to identify User to carry out anti-money laundering and know-your-customer policies and procedures of My.Reitiscapital.com Platform and/or as required by law and within the deadlines stipulated by My.Reitiscapital.com Platform;

15.2.6. My.Reitiscapital.com Platform suspects money laundering, terrorism financing, or an attempt to do so, with the involvement of the User or the User Account;

15.2.7. The User is a person who is subject to international or national sanctions or is an affiliate of such person;

15.2.8. The User spreads false, misleading or offensive information about My.Reitiscapital.com, to the public or for other actions or omissions of the User that harm interests of other Users or My.Reitiscapital.com Platform.

15.3. The Platform Service Provider may make changes in the Platform, including expanding, changing, or removing its functions, at its own discretion at any time without asking permission of the Users or giving prior notice to the Users, and may terminate the operation of the Platform at its own discretion at any time.

16. Sending Notices

16.1. Any notice under this agreement shall be in writing or by email.

16.2. The notices sent to the User’s email box shall be considered as received within 24 hours of sending.

17. Other Conditions

17.1. Legislation of the Republic of Estonia (where the Company is registered) and/or Romania (where the Company operates) shall be applicable to the use of My.Reitiscapital.com Platform in issues not regulated in the Terms and Conditions. If an article of the Terms and Conditions proves to be void due to contradicting the law, it shall not influence the validity of other articles.

17.2. Disagreements and disputes arising from the fulfilment of the Terms and Conditions shall be settled by the parties primarily through negotiations. If settling of disagreements through negotiations is impossible, the dispute shall be settled in general court. If the User is a legal entity or a private person operating in its economic or professional activities, or a person who after commencing the use of My.Reitiscapital.com Platform has settled in a foreign state or whose place of business, residence or location at the time of filing an action is unknown, the competent institution for settling the dispute shall be Estonia and/or Romania Court, where the companies involved have their headquarters and place of operation.

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