Teodor Miroslav Muntean

Miroslav Teodor Muntean Reitis Founder
How it all started?

Years of research, knowledge, prayers and work that amounts thousands of hours has a tremendously high value to me. It has taken my time, which in essence means it has cost me my life.
Yet, it deserves, for my great Family meaning one Wife, nine Children, and eighteen Grandchildren until now, the end of 2021! For great Friends, and for the projects we have created, together.

Now, I’m glad to share my life experience! First time in 2015, I’ve downloaded a set of smartphone apps that effectively do everything a bank does, and I never needed to walk into a bank branch again! The idea of a bankless future hit my mind and then Reitis Project was born!

Reitis Project

For creating Reitis Project I was inspired by these exceptional words “The Kingdom of Heaven is like treasure hidden in a land. When a man found it, he hid it again, and then in his joy went and sold all he had and bought that land.” (Matthew 13:44).

By creating Reitis, as the first digital REIT, we are the ONLY entity in the world to accomplish the three at once: (1) tokenization of actual construction business, (2) managing the real estate development business, and (3) applying decentralized finance (DeFi) in an actual real estate business.

Our project’s idea was the answer to this question: “What would happen if a DeFi blockchain real estate project was run by its Community?

To answer this question we have started the rEvolution (Real Evolution!), away from rigid financial structures and traditional mind-set concerning banking and real estate investments. We have generically named it the “Real Estate Corporation of People” (RECoP) to provide a convenient global opportunity to people ready to join.


Having strong faith in God, loving the family, trusting people (sometimes too much!), not agreeing with new “trustless” paradigm, but enjoying new technologies used for good.


Applying blockchain technology, , enjoying decentralized finance, managing small businesses, designing websites, building sustainable houses from the foundation to the roof, and mounting reliable industrial robots.

Some skills

Business skills: managing small business, business planning, marketing, building sustainable houses and reliable industrial robots, blockchain technology, cryptocurrency trading.
Programming skills: web design, HTML, CSS, Fortran, C++, WordPress, Blockchain, DeFi.

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