The Demand

In 2017, the Real Estate market in Romania registered the fastest growth in the last 5 years. The market continued to grow in the next year, too. Developers have intensified their activity in all sectors of real estate, taking advantage of the good market situation and growing demand. The new supply reached 5-year record levels, registering growth of 11% for the residential market, + 39% for shopping centers new supply, while the area of offices completed in Bucharest was 4 times larger than in 2015. Development increased in the central and northern areas of the Iasi City, fueled by good results in sales and demand for medium-class projects provided with good accessibility and amenities. Important activity was registered across the top regional capitals in terms of economy and universities: Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara, Iasi, Brasov and Sibiu are witnessing a growing medium class population, with boosting IT&C and engineering communities. Residential demand is coming especially from such professionals.

SmartREIT Holding is taking the advantage of this market trend. We are not a Bank but a group of Companies created by people for people for providing new solutions to the way in which home building, home selling, and borrower financing are approached. How? By taking control of the real estate process from beginning to end, including the selection, construction, sales, borrower financing, and maintenance of company’s custom homes.


This business model enables SmartLOAN program to achieve efficiencies in scope and scale, resulting in higher profits that will be shared with shareholders, including SmartREIT digital asset holders.

We provide better buyer financing arrangements and deliver a more positive borrowing experience to the residential buyer, minimizing collection inefficiencies such as cumbersome collection costs, and drawn out legal disputes. This is exactly what millions of future homebuyers need, a home where they live with joy and peace, and never with the stress of a debt.

The demand for home loans in Romania and some emerging countries is enormous. The project will be extended to other areas in Europe, where we have real estate business developed. Residences in the new development areas can be purchased in fiat and digital currency, with a substantial discount, through the SmartLOAN Program, which is a 20-Year Mortgage that is fairly priced. No adjustable rate mortgages, no balloons and no tricks involving default interest rates (as banks and other financial institutions do).

As we all know, traditional model implies late charges, default interest, prepayment penalties, negative credit score, and foreclosure. SmartLOAN effectively cuts out the risk that time holds over the borrower’s head. Instead of submitting our client (homebuyer) to the stick of a prepayment penalty and performance failure, SmartLOAN has incentivized its client with a guaranteed buy-back program so long as they have performed as scheduled.

SmartLOAN Model offers the revolutionary loan to homebuyers, and its distinct features are:
– Only 5% down payment
– No credit scores
– Asset verification rather than income verification
– A 30-year no-nonsense mortgage payment
– A guaranteed buy-back program.

SmartLOANs will be offered with an only minimum 5% down payment, in the following currencies: EUR, USD, LEU, BTC, ETH, and in BTL (with a discount of 3%).