Reitis Roadmap

Q4 2019 – Idea Stage, Research Idea and Business Model

Reitis Team Formation & Concept Development

– Reitis Team is established – professionals with a background in real estate, blockchain, legal, marketing, investment and software development; decided to tokenize our real estate business; defined business model and key components

Advisory Board Formation

– Advisors with vast experience in finance, real estate, legal and blockchain join the Team

First Legal Entity

– Reitis Capital Ltd registered in the UK, as a non-licensed (yet) financial limited company

Q1 2020 – Reitis Blockchain and Platform

Reitis Blockchain

– Reitis blockchain architecture development started, with security in mind, as the most important aspect of the platform!

Whitepaper Preparation

– Whitepaper preparation and related design and documentation

Reitis Platform Alpha Launch

– Initial platform architecture design: website, UX, front-end, back-end; the Reitis Token [XREI], wallet, dashboard

Internal Audit & Licensing

– Internal security audit by CSO; identify the exact regulatory requirements; registration, authorisation and licensing in the first jurisdictions: Lituania, Romania

Q2 2020 – Partnerships, Academy, Exchanges

Reitis Platform Beta Launch

– Token goes live 1 REITIS [XREI] = €800 initial price in fiat equivalent = 1 m2 of apartment, backed by actual real estate assets

Creation of Stocold Hardware Wallet

– XREI Staking wallet on Raspberry Pi3, battery and solar panel

Reitis Asset Sale

– Start development and sale of 1st Real Estate Project, AIDA Residences, Iasi, Romania

Strategic Partnerships 1

– Identify potential strategic partnerships, create partnerships; build investor’s list; secure deal flow and increase market share

Reitis Phase 2 Platform Architecture

– Start phase 2 platform architecture; setup regulatory compliance system

Reitis First External Audit

– Security and code audit by an expert

Start Extensive Token Listing

– Start marketing initiatives; review token listing options; secure deal flow and increase market share

Q3 2020 – More Features and Full Use of Reitis Platform

Exchange Launch & Trading on 2 Exchanges

– Launching Reitis Security Token Exchange (RSTE); First Lituania and EU law-compliant real estate token sales on RTSE and other STO Exchange

Reitis Academy

– Intensive training classes for school students and for elders

Artificial Intelligence Integration

– Addition of AI/ML abilities and features to the platform; expanded functionality of the platform for improved performance

Reitis Second Audit

– Second security and code audit by an expert

Startegic Partnerships 2

– Further funding arrangements; sign-up phase 2 customers; increase partnerships with Real Estate organizations

Full Use of Reitis Blockchain & Platform

– Technology, legal and corporate structure modules united under REITIS POWER LEDGER (REITIS BLOCKCHAIN PROTOCOL), Proof of Asset, for selling Fractional Property in Europe

Q4 2020 – BRECoP, Marketing & Markets, RSCoE

BRECoP – The First Blockchain Corporation of People

– Created to empower people not only through property ownership and passive income, but also trhough Company Ownerhip. In this second stage of the development, people will be able to invest in BRECoP (Reitis Trust) and own shares in the first Blockchain Real Estate Corporation of People.

Reitis Promotion

– Marketers and Brand Ambassadors in action for promotion of REITIS as a turnkey for real estate investors and developers

European Market & Property Management Team

– Full deployment of REITIS go-to European Market action plan; Setting up the European & International Property Management Team.

Reitis Social Centre of Excellence (RSCoE)

– Launching the Reitis Social Centre of Excellence for social projects, as part of CSR

Q1 2021 – New Products and Full Development

Reitis Loans

– Creating “Reitis Loans” fintech product; use of gained XREI tokens to backup loans.

Global Market

– Full deployment of Reitis go-to-market action plan; new offices; enter new markets

Q2 2021 – RSCoE Further Development

RSCoE Development

– EcoReitis Search Engine – Search the web to plant trees in RO and disaster areas
– Reitis Blockchain Journal – Authors and readers earn Tokens or fractions of property
– REITIS Blockchain Foundation, RSCoE subsidiary – to help unhoused people

Q3 2021 — Q4 2040

BRECoP Expansion, Real Estate Development & Passive Income Gain

– Reitis is a 25 years business plan, as properties provide many possible sources of return and, on long-term, they are doing well even in the economical and financial crisis.
– REITIS [XREI] Long-Term Plan – Assets Tokens, in square meters {m2) of the property; Real Estate Development Budget = 5,000,000 XREI; Reitis Development Budget = 500,000 XREI; Total Reitis Budget = 5,500,000 XREI.