Reitis Roadmap The way to RWA tokenisation

roadmap of reitisRoadmap of Reitis

The Roadmap of Reitis represents the way to real estate RWA (real world asset) tokenisation and the Community freedom of choice. It help the Team and the Community to fulfil Reitis Vision, Mission & Goals.

1. The Start
15-th of April 2020

New Startup incorporation for RWA business tokenisation: market research, visual identity, wesite, legal documents, land acquisition.

2. The DeFi
Since December 2022, in progress

Decentralised Finance (DeFi) and RWA tokenisation - have designed prominent token idea: deflationary, burnable, public, anti-whale protected.

3. The Creation
15-th January 2023

The 1-st application - Launching the MVP and security audit of Reitis-crowdfunding platform, for listing Reitis real world assets (RWA) projects.

4. The Documents
Started on 15-th March 2023, in progress

Updating Reitis website and whitepaper, creating pitch-deck and financial forecast, preparing marketing materials, refreshing visual ID.

5. Pre-seed
Start on the 1-st December 2023

Seeking pre-seed capital for further development of the XREI token, start designing rental platform and finalising Reitis Crowdfunding Platform.

6. The Token
17-st of February 2024

Creating Reitis utility token [XREI], BEP-20 standard: deflationary, burnable, anti-whale protected. XREI smart contract will go public.

7. The 1-st Twin
15-th of March 2024

Adding more features, introducing RWA property NFTs; implementation of the POS payment system in XREI and stablecoins, and more...

8. Pre-sale
1-st of May 2024

Pre-sale of XREI tokens on dedicated platforms; funds used to add more features to the platform and for the purchase and renovation of buildings.

9. The Renovation
Starting on May 2024

Raising value through acquiring, renovation and flipping gains from undervalued buildings where we already have business partners.

10. The 1-st Release
1-st of June 2024

First XREI token release for providing liquidity (LP), on decentralised exchanges (DEXs) and to other market makers.

11. The Transfer
1-st of July 2024

After full setup and testing, XREI token's smart contract will be transferred to the public, for 100% decentralization.

12. The Payment
1-st of August 2024

Start publishing renovated properties for rent on different platforms (Romania-Promovata, Airbnb), with payments in XREI.

13. The 2-nd Twin
28-th of August 2024

Launch of Reitis-rental – a blockchain-based marketplace to connect Host who rent their property, with Guest who search rooms.

14. The 2-nd Release
1-st of November 2024

Second XREI token release for providing liquidity (LP), on decentralised exchanges (DEXs) and to other market makers.

15. The 3-rd Release
1-st of March 2025

Third XREI token release for providing liquidity (LP), on decentralised exchanges (DEXs) and to other market makers.

16. The Gold
1-st of June 2025

For gold investors and collectors, Reitis will mint a limited edition of Golden XREI tokens, from 24-karat gold with a 99.99% purity.

17. The Community
Start on 15-th of July. 2025

Community Development: Creating circular economy groups, micro biofarms, biohomes, in crypto-friendly and in exotic touristic locations.

18. The Mass Adoption
Starts on 3-rd of January 2025, never ending

Developing Apps to help mass adoption of BTC and XREI: Reitis debit card, self-custodian wallet, improving POS system, sustainable BTC mining.