Reitis Tools

1. Reitis ATS (Automated Trading System)

Reitis ATS is an automated trader designed to execute buy/sell orders on the capital markets, Forex & Crypto ($6+$1 trillion daily). The strategy developed by our Team is the result of our capital markets research and use for more than 15 years. In addition to real estate and precious metals, investments in financial markets are the effective solution, as they cover the losses caused by inflation and generate real profit.

2. Real Estate Investments Platform

Register on My Reitis Capital platform to get used with alternative energy, waste recovery, and sustainable real estate investments. You will become an authentic real estate owner by finding opportunities that truly fit your green investment goals. We use blockchain technology which gives each property a unique digital identity providing trust and security for investors.

3. Decentralised Finance (DeFi) Platform

The DeFi Platform is on beta stage. By joining the platform in this stage, users get XREI tokens at 55% off promotional price and become independent Community Members of RECoP – the first in the word Real Estate Corporation of People, which reinvests 90% of profits in three main types of projects: (1) members wealth through profit and social initiatives, (2) sustainable energy, and (3) plastic waste recovery. 

4. The Corporation of People

When the number of Community Members will be high, at least 100k people holding an important amount of XREI tokens, we will create together the Reitis Social Enterprise (RSE) or the first Real Estate & Renewable Energy Corporation of People (RECoP). 90% of profits generated by RSE will go to its members, who will be encouraged to use the capital for creating new companies and jobs in the countries they live.

42.5M XREI tokens (85%)
Allocated for the Community on:
– DeFi platform
PancakeSwap DEX
– ThorChain
– FutureSwap

7.5M XREI tokens (15%)
Allocated for:
– Charity (1.00%),
– Marketing (5.00%),
– Management & Development (4.00%),
– Bonus Pool (1.00%),
– User’s Security Fund (3.00%),
– Reserve Fund (1.00%).

– XREI token locking will be published on
– Team’s budget locked for two years
– After that linear vesting for one year.