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xREI Token


The Reitis Tokens
Real Estate Digital Assets


Name:xREI TokeniREIT Token
Ticker/Stock Symbol:XREIiREIT
Consensus Mechanism:BEP-20 StandardProof of Asset (PoA)
Tokens issued:50 Million50 million
Price per token:Variable, Market DependableInitial €1
Type of token:DeFi, Reward TokenSecurity Token / Interest
Liquidity (Exchanges):DeFi + Centralized + ReitisReitis + Secondary Markets
Stake / ROIMarket Value5-25% Variable Value
APY by CompoundingUp to 70%


Reitis Tokens and Investments

REITIS Members can make payments (investments) in EUR currency, XREI, or iREIT tokens. To ensure total transparency, we use blockchain technology and offer the Reitis tokens with a wallet, where you can track in real-time the value of the principal and the accrued interest. For the amount of invested money, users receive the equivalent of Reitis tokens, as a way to record their contribution.

The Reitis Ledger

The Reitis Ledger (Blockchain) is immutable, as it has the parameters set from the beginning. Also, the smart contract is set as metadata in a transaction. The Reitis Ledger is very secure and was made to be used with parameters that cannot be changed afterwards. That is, the variable stake (interest), the network nodes, the ransom tax of 0.0001 iREIT per transaction, the number of eight decimals (0.00000001), the maximum number of tokens (50,00,000 iREIT) remain unchanged forever. The rights of token holders are governed by the smart contract and the informative Whitepaper (Business Plan) of the Reitis tokens as published on the website and the immutable rights in the form of digital tokens recorded in a decentralized in-house blockchain.

Raising the iREIT and XREI Value

All the constructions made by Reitis Capital Development and all the services that result from the development of the real estate projects (especially the rents) will be available for purchase by the final client with one of Reitis tokens. Also, the sale and/or rental offers published by Reitis Capital will always have a promotion that will benefit the purchase through digital against fiat currency. By motivating the client to use Reitis tokens when purchasing real estate properties or services, we increase the demand for the token and implicitly its value. We will also have partnerships with real estate developers who build premium projects (meeting our standards of sustainable construction) and offer their properties for sale using the Reitis tokens.

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