Reitis Products and Services The Twin Platforms: Crowdfunding & Hospitality


Essential Apps

For a decent living in the digital era
1-st Product: Reitis-crowdfunding investment platform, through which anyone has easy access to fractional and frictionless real estate.
2-nd Product: Reitis-rental Platform on Blockchain for Hosts to advertise their rentals, and Guests get a place to stay, often at a lower price than hotels charge.
3-rd Product: A fully functional Automated Trading Software (Reitis ATS), for trading efficiently and securelly without human emotion, on Forex and Crypto markets.
4-th and next series of Products: property and finance related software for further development and for possible mass adoption: Reitis POS system, debit card, gold tokens minting, etc.


Reitis Investments Platform

Created to Allow RWA Ownership to Everyone

On Reitis-crowdfunding platform product, in MVP stage, people around the world (except few restricted countries) have easy access to sustainable real estate investment, by finding opportunities that fit their property investment goals.

Reitis Product and Service no.1

After the full launch of Reisit-crowdfunding platform, Users have the following options:
― Invest in different projects and make profit by gaining interest.
― Gain profit when the property is sold.
― Buy affordable premium properties with the money down or in instalments.

As for 01.11.2023, the platform is in MVP stage and will be fully launched after the first pre-seed funding. Crowdfunding activities of Reitis Capital are done according to Article 3(2) of the ESMA (European Securities and Markets Authority) Prospectus Exemptions Regulation.


Reitis-rental Platform on Blockchain

For easy travel and relocation

Reitis Hospitality Services

We exist to facilitate the connections between people and to support a more open and friendly world for all. We use blockchain technology to develop a community built on trust, where principles such as transparency, ethics and empathy are at the heart of our concerns.

Reitis rental is an online blockchain-based marketplace that connects people who rent out their property (HOSTS) with people who look for accommodations (GUESTS).
Hosts using the platform get to advertise their rentals, and Reitis handles payments and offer full support. Guests get a place to stay, often at a lower price than hotels charge.
Benefits for investors, hosts, and guests:
― Receive passive monthly rental income;
― Rent rooms or offices in Reitis resorts, hotels, or motels;
― Buy affordable services on the platform.


Software Development

Products and services related to real estate

Reitis Capital develops products and services related to real estate, fintech, and decentralised finances. We have created already – the Automated Forex Trading software, Reitis ATS – and will continue to create and launch property and finance related software for further development, such as: Reitis POS system, Reitis debit card, Reitis gold tokens minting, etc.

Reitis POS system. In the most of Reitis hospitality destinations, people will find POS for paying with XREI token, Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies.
Reitis debit card will allow people to simply pay for their services and products, online and offline, with XREI, BTC, and other cryptocurrencies.
Reitis gold tokens minting. For gold bullion investors and collectors, reitis will mint a limited edition of Golden XREI token, from 24-karat gold with a 99.99% purity. Reitis will have a reserve fund stored in safe assets like gold and buildings.

tokenisation product


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