REITIS Investment Platform

Estonia, Romania, United Kingdom and European Union Compliant Real Estate Investment Platform

REITIS [XREI] is a long-term PRIVATE DIGITAL ASSET OFFERING investment platform, based on Blockchain Technology and Smart Contract (with Digitized Signature), which offers FRACTIONAL PROPERTY OWNERSHIP (FPO), in square meters, to accredited and non-accredited investors.

Investment Strategy

– Reitis Capital Holding aims to acquire 1000 IB (Important Buildings) in Europe and the USA, in each 5 important Cities of a Country.
– Accredited and non-accredited investors own a Fractionalized Property (FP) of one or more of these properties (in square meters/square feets) and get monthly interest or dividends.
– After 3 to 10 years property is sold or redeemed by the Holding for creating a new Fund. The profit from this sale/redemption is shared with Investors and Shareholders.