Reitis Hostel “Miroslava”


  • Address: Rubinului Street, Miroslava, Iasi
  • Investment type: Hospitality
  • Built area: 1562 square meters

A new opportunity to invest in Reitis is a Hostel located 1 km from the Era Mall Moldova area of Iasi. The hostel will have 50 rooms, in total 200 accommodation spaces (beds), with an area of 1562 sqm. The property is located 300 m from European road 58, 500m from Crystal Restaurant Iasi, Romania.

Reitis Miroslava HostelThis building will be designed to minimize the cost of maintaining the home, increase environmental comfort and provide a healthy habitat. It will be an energy efficient building, being correctly and properly enveloped and equipped with equipment that brings a free energy supply to the building.

The cost of the investment is €1,030,920. The main objective of the project listing on the platform is to raise €1,030,920, in three phases.

The funds will be used to build the housing complex and will be raised from investors in three stages, as follows:

  • Stage 1: Preparation of documentation for authorization, and preparation of land,  = €110,000. Execution time = 8 months.
  • Stage 2: Execution of foundation and structure of the building, execution of masonry, roof insulation, exterior finish, exterior joinery = €468,000. Execution time = 6 months.
  • Stage 3: Interior finishes, installations, furnishings and energy efficiency = €452,920. Execution time = 10 months.

The investment term for this current funding round is up to 24 months. The fixed interest rate for this opportunity is 11% annually. We will make monthly interest payments.

Investment Details

  • Project’s development cost: €1,030,920;
  • Required sum from crowdinvestors: €1,030,920, in three stages;
  • Crowdinvestors principal holding time: 24 month;
  • Interest paid monthly: 11%;
  • Buyback guarantee: YES.


The land is located in a developing area Iasi, Romania, is placed in a flourishing area that has benefitted from substantial levels of investment in the last 5 years. It is situated about 300 meters (in a straight line) from the main road that crosses Iasi City, the E58 European Road (DN 28 National Road), so that benefits from very good road links. The property occupies a prime position, within the mixed residential and hospitality area of Iasi, 1 km from the Mall Moldova.

Miroslava is the richest commune in Romania. Numerous people are living and working  within neighboring  Pacurari area.
Besides big businesses that are close to it (Delphi factory, startup business hubs and IT Companies), there are major hypermarkets, such as:  Carrefour, Era Mall, Kaufland, Metro, Dedeman, to name a few. The area has benefitted from significant levels of investment since 1965 and consequently has evolved into a popular place to live, work and entertain.
The area continues to have significant development plans and is expected to become the busiest and one of the most modern district in Iasi in the next  few years. The most important local developments in the area today are residential buildings, mainly standard apartment units, old type, “restyled” without identity, and still very expensive. Everything is sold very fast in the area, even before starting the erection of the buildings, having only the plans approved by the City Hall of Miroslava.

  • Access: asphalted road
  • Bus station: 300 meters
  • Land area of 1243 sq. m. Rubinului street, located near the Mall Moldova.

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