Reitis Copou (Friedrich) Residences

Address: Copou, Iasi, Friederick Street
Investment type: Residential (collective dwellings)
Built area: 504 square meters
Guarantee: By legally secured contract

Through this project, our goal is to build a three-floors residential building that will have a total of 9 apartments and 9 parking spaces, with an area of 504 square meters and a usable area of 403 square meters. The residential complex is located on Friederick Street, Iasi, Romania, an area with a vast development potential.

This building, as all of our buildings, will be designed to minimize the cost of home maintenance, increase environmental comfort and provide a healthy habitat. It will be an energy efficient building, being correctly and properly enveloped with equipment that brings a free energy supply to the tenants. The aim is to bring added value to the end user, at a decent price that he can afford for this quality.

Investment Details

Project’s development cost: €603,620;
Required sum from crowdinvestors: €571,680, in three stages;
Crowdinvestors principal holding time: 24 month;
Interest paid monthly: 9%;
Buyback guarantee: YES.

The cost of the investment is €571,680. The funds will be used for the construction of the housing complex and will be raised from investors in three stages, as follows:

– Stage 1: Land acquisition. Required funds = €180,000. Execution time = 6 months.

– Stage 2: Preparation of documentation for authorization, land preparation, foundation execution, building structure, masonry and screed execution. Required funds = €188,080. Execution time = 12 months.

– Stage 3: Execution of interior finishes, installations, exterior arrangements, roof waterproofing, exterior finishing and energy efficiency. Required funds = €200,000 . Execution time = 6 months.

The investment term for this current funding round is up to 24 months. The fixed interest rate for this opportunity is 9-11% annually, with monthly interest payments.

The property is located near the central area of ​​Iasi, more precisely in the Copou neighborhood, on Friederick Street. We are in a quiet area, with fresh air, surrounded by green spaces and with easy access to the Pacurari neighborhood.

The area is distinguished by its location near the Botanical Garden, the Emil Alexandrescu Stadium and the Exhibition Park, also in its vicinity being: kindergartens, schools, faculties, hospitals, restaurants, public transport stations.

The property consists of a plot of land with an area of ​​560 square meters, with direct access from the asphalt street Friederick, being perfect for a layout conducive to the development of spacious and bright homes.

  • Access: asphalted road
  •  Facilities: all utilities
  •  Bus station: 300 meters
  •  Railway Station: 3 km
  • Iasi City downtown: 2,5 km
  • Land area of 560 sq. m. on Friederick Street, Copou



Copou neighborhood benefit from very good transportation connections. The land is about 500 meters (in a straight line) from the main road that crosses Copou Area, Carol I Boulevard, so that “Reitis Friederick  Apartmens benefits from very good road links. The bus station is approximately 500 meters north. The distance to the Iasi City downtown is only 2,5 km.


The residence project is located close to Iasi Railway Station (Gara Iasi), which is the main railway station in Iasi, and one of the oldest in Romania, also being a part of the Pan-European Corridor.  The main bus station (internal and external) are very close to Gara Iasi.


The area has benefitted from significant levels of investment since 1965 and consequently has evolved into a popular place to live, work and entertain.  The area continues to have significant development plans and is expected to become the busiest and one of the most modern district in Iasi in the next  few years.

Copou is historical and flourishing Iasi district situated within the north-west part of the City, including the greatest European Iasi Botanical Garden, and the University of Iasi. founded in 1860, the oldest higher education institution in Romania, continuing, since 1860, a tradition of excellence and innovation in education and research.


The technology used by Reitis Capital in construction of residential areas gains up 70% of the primary energy needed to manage the buildings, are they all are “Low Consumption Buildings”.

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