Reitis Business Model The Twin Platforms on Blockchain


Reitis Business Model

Reitis Twin Platforms: (1) Real Estate Investment, (2) Rental on Blockchain
Reitis Business Model: Reitis Capital provides products and services for listing, selling, or renting properties on the blockchain.
These services can be accessed globally, by any person or institution, on our core platforms on blockchain:
I. Reitis-crowdfunding platform.
II. Reitis-rental platform.


Real Estate Investment

Crowdfunding platform for real estate investors

Reitis-crowdfunding platform allows:

  1. Individuals and companies to list for funding their real estate projects located in areas with high potential for both rent and sale;
  2. People access to invest in profitable real estate projects for which they receive a share of the profit made from the sale or rental.

On this platform, Reitis does not charge a listing commission, but receives 10% of the profit made by each property that is listed, financed, and subsequently sold or rented. Thus, our team is also interested in listing properties with the potential of added value.
Investors get variable interest between 5-25%.

Projects listed on the platform are divided into 4 categories: (1) Property development, (2) Property renovations, (3) Property lending, and (4) Property sale.

Who can list on Reitis-crowdfunding platform?

  1. Who has a new construction project with capitalisation potential, through sale or rent, and need funding.
  2. Who has a project to renovate a property with potential for capitalisation, through sale or rent, and they need funding.
  3. Who has a property to rent that has the potential to be capitalized, and needs capital, can list the project for fundraising.
  4. Who wants to sell a property that has the potential to capitalize through sale.

All requests for listing projects will be carefully studied and they will be listed only if they meet the quality conditions imposed by Reitis. The financed and completed projects from categories 1, 2, and 3 will automatically move to the Reitis rental platform for generating profit.

Rental Platform

Reitis Rental Platform

Easy travel and accommodation
This platform is an online blockchain-based marketplace that connects people who rent out their property with people who look for accommodations. In addition to the properties that are transferred from our crowdfunding platform, anyone who has a property and wants to rent it, can list it against a commission.
Reitis charges an 4% commission from the revenues made by HOSTS, and 2% commission from GUESTS. The total commission charged by Reitis Capital is 6%, lower price compared to all standard platforms that charge higher commission.
All investments and payments on both platforms will be made with the XREI token or with BTC.

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