Join RECoP (Real Estate Corporation of People)
- Reitis Community Network -

Freely consent to be part of the First Real Estate Corporation of People (RECoP) ecosystem:

Real World Asset Tokenisation
— Premium properties owned by people through tokenisation; XREI token means easy acces to real estate investments and/or services.

DeFi (Decentralised Finance)
— Token is owned by the public through ownership renunciation; you have the freedom of choice, to hold (HODL) or to spend based only on real needs.

Reitis Community Network
— The 1-st in the world Real Estate Corporation of People (RECoP); freely consent to join the team of managers, developers, and social media groups.

Reitis Circular Economy Groups
— Biolife (micro bio-farms and bio-homes); token holders can choose to live anywhere in the world, by local involvement or by easy relocation.

REITIS = Transparency & Decentralisation

recop - the real estate corporation of peopleAs the first in the world Real Estate Corporation of People (RECoP), we challenge the informed Community to join our social media groups and partner in further development of the Reitis Token [XREI] for affordable and sustainable real estate.  After full setup and launch, XREI smart contract will be transferred to the public.
Reitis Community Network means 100% decentralization, trust, transparency, and security of investments, as Reitis will no longer have control over the XREI DeFi token.

RECoP = Sustainable Online Business

RECoP - Reitis Company and CorporationBy acquiring XREI tokens, people will partner in the implementation of the Circular Economy, for:
— further development of affordable and sustainable real estate projects;
— the
production and distribution of 3D printed affordable and bio-based fully recyclable and highly insulated homes;
— acquisition and ownership of discounted but valuable properties in important cities/villages and in exotic places;
— high quality services in co-owned Class A+ Reitis Resorts and Hotels . 

How Sustainable Real Estate Development Works?

Recop ReitisReitis Capital has various forms of real estate development:
— Get properties (hotels, motels, resorts) in important areas globally;
— Acquire valuable but neglected buildings, to which we add value through renovation and sustainability;
— Invest in exotic locations lands to develop new beneficial properties;
— Take over properties in different locations and transform them into valued hotels and resorts through modernization.
In the subsequent phase of acquisition and development, some of these properties will be put up for sale, while others will remain in the Reitis portfolio for rental. The Reitis Community will benefit from all products and services when paying with the XREI token.

Circular Economy (CE) Applied by Reitis

RECoP - Reitis Circular EconomyReitis CE Principles:
— Freedom of living anywhere by easy relocation,
— Protecting environment through circular design of construction materials,
— Careful material selection and use,
— Reduce waste as much as possible,
— Use of renewable energy.

Reitis Capital is in the process of shifting from a linear system to a circular economy system. We started from the beginning by building Class A+ houses and block apartments, with some of the following attributes: decrease thermal energy consumption (up to 70%) by high quality insulation; sound and noise insulation, dust-free suction; heat recovery ventilation; permanent clean air; use of heating alternative/solar energy, etc.


Legal Disclaimer
We all know how bureaucracy is. People have to wait months to obtain a needed document or resolve a personal or business issue.

Blockchain technology helps remove some of the roadblocks that slow processes at many public and business agencies. We have applied the technology to our real world business (RWA) and even have created a decentralised finance (DeFi) token that soon will be entirely public.

Blockchain delivers trust to many different processes in business and government.

But, even if you will be in total control of your DeFi assets, when it comes to develop local profit or non-profit business projects like creating circular economy groups, you have the responsibility to check all legal aspects of doing business there and taxes that your government imposes on this type of organisation.

Through our token, we have reduced 90% of bureaucracy, but you still have to face the aspects of tax for any local project started. Thank you for understanding this aspect, and proceeding as such!