Reitis - the Real Estate Corporation of People

Reitis Company and Corporation

What is and why a Corporation of People?

1. VISION: The Real Estate Corporation of People (Reitis Capital), created for empowering people to become real estate tokens owners and get the deserved financial freedom.

2. BELIEF: We aim to see you as a valued Member of the Community who finds the actual treasure. “The Kingdom of Heaven is like treasure hidden in a land...” (Matthew 13:44).

3. MISSION: Within 10 years, we aim to create 1 million new jobs and help millions of people (XREI tokens holders) to become real estate investors and owners.

Reitis Real Estate token XREI

XREI Dividends - You are the Owner of real estate!

1. XREI TOKEN: Will be listed soon on PancakeSwap DEX first, at its initial value of 0.02 BUSD. At private sale XREI will be offered at 50% discount price (0.01 BUSD); important discounts at IDO public launches.
2. DIVIDENDS: XREI will become the dividend offered by Reitis Capital Company, which will actually become a digital REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) in the hands of people.
3. REIT: As in traditional REITs, 90% of Reitis Capital Company profit goes to the Reitis Community of XREI token holders.

Reitis Corporate Responsibility

RECoP responsibility, your safety and security!

1. EVERY USER MATTERS! Our key priority is protecting users from scams, along with helping to deal with consequences of accidental network malfunctions.

2. SUPPORT: Our support Team is available 24/7 and ready to give guidance to users who faced operational difficulties, due to accidental sending or failed tokens transactions.

3. SECURITY: A substantial budget is allocated for the security, and in case of hacking we will be able to return partially or totally the numebr of tokens held by XREI users.

We believe that tokenisation should be based on the principles of trust, transparency, and continuous improvement.
Read Reitis MANIFESTO!