Questions and answers on shares in the gold trading firm

Questions and answersQuestions and answers

Due to the general economic situation and the accelerated devaluation of money in recent times, the vast majority of investors, i.e. the people who hold more than 70% of the total money in the world, have turned to the purchase of gold to preserve the value of their wealth.

Moreover, people who have gold jewelry no longer pawn them, pawning being the main source of supply for jewelry manufacturers, and this fact leaves them without raw material.

From the discussions we had with the main jewelry manufacturers in the country, we learned about this problem of theirs, deciding to take advantage of this context and use the opportunity.

Our company is legally registered to trade metals and precious stones in Europe, with a vision focused on innovation and adaptability.

The company holds authorization no. 0012817 of 02.08.2023 for carrying out operations with precious metals and precious stones, therefore also for the import, processing and trading of gold.

Maximum of 30 shares of €4,000 each (equivalent in RON); it is possible to enter the company with more shares, which must be a multiple of €4,000.

In Romania, a Limited Liability Company (SRL) is a legal entity separate from its associates, which means that the associates are not personally liable for the activity and possible debts of the company.

You can withdraw from the Company at any time, very simply, without obligations, just by announcing your intention to the Company’s management.

We already have important Romanian end customers. There are several large gold jewelry manufacturers in Romania that we have done business with in the past. In the future we will expand the list of clients with manufacturers from Europe and open our own online store for the sale of gold bars. Of course, we will continue to use various promotion and marketing channels offline and online.

  1. Create an account on the platform
  2. Validate and invest the desired amount (multiple of €4,000) in the Reitis Gold Pool, choosing one of the available payment methods (card payment, bank transfer or Revolut payment)
  3. After accepting the payment, within a maximum of 5 working days you will be contacted by the company’s representatives to sign the company’s credit contract and the contract of assignment of the social parts.

Sure. The number of people contributing to the minimum amount is unlimited, but only one of those people who collect the minimum amount (€4,000) will receive shares in the company. Our suggestion is that a legal collaboration, partnership or loan contract be made between the people who collect the respective amount.

Yes, the person who recommends Reitis Gold Pool gets a commission. To benefit from the commission of 10% of the invested amount, you must be registered on the platform, then send the “referral” code/link, attached to your account, to the person to who you recommend the opportunity, and that person must to register in the pool with your code/link.

No; with the amount earned from commissions, you can only purchase shares in the company.