We Value People

We value people, our Investors, Tenants, Home Buyers, Partners, Shareholders and the Team.

The Team
SmartREIT’s management Team has designed its strategic growth and operating plans to be scalable which also provides for enhanced revenue growth. We have the idea, a plan and an exceptional product, but even if we had no idea and no concept, we have built the right TEAM and the results will follow!

SmartREIT was created for forward thinkers, entrepreneurs, professionals, business owners and all investors who dare to own a real piece of real estate, in square meters of a specific property, that is entitling them to the advantages of real estate, including dividends, profit share and appreciation, without the responsibility of managing the property!

Through SmartRENT platform/program our Tenants get sustainable and big money saving locations (apartments, office and commercial spaces), guaranteed long-term deals and better secured smart contracts.

Home Buyers
SmartLOAN platform for homebuyers; this model offers the revolutionary loan to homebuyers, and its distinct features are: only 5% down payment, no credit scores, asset verification rather than income verification, a guaranteed buy-back program.

Through SmartJOIN platform, we partners with property owners in targeted locations so that our Partners in real estate development get better use and double value of their lands, through secure smart contracts.