We acquire properties (lands or buildings) in good locations of the main cities from emergent and established markets in Europe. If you have a land or an unfinished building in a big European City and good location, please contact us for partnership and for building new or finishing the started building.

If an owner agrees to enter the land as a capital contribution, we set up a new firm, eg. Family Garden Ltd. or Srl, where one of our companies will have 90% of the shares, and the owner of the land 10%, for a period determined time (max. 5 years), at which time EXIT will take place, through the takeover of the property by SmartREIT Holding UK, paying to the shareholders the dividends from the profit gained.

Besides the shares, you will also have a number of ___ square meters of construction (apartments or houses in a complex), at the manufacturer’s price (having the market value of the land + 50%).

If you as the owner (now partner) wish, we buy your part of property at negociable higher price, so you get some profit out of this too.

For personalized accurate figures, please contact us.