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Art & Real Estate Tokenization NFT Romania

Real Estate Tokenization nftRomania
One of the first companies in Eastern Europe to make Real Estate tokenization possible in this area, NftRomania offers crypto and business resources services, being a portal between real estate developers and the crypto space.
The NftRomania platform provides settlement services to sell real estate and tokenize it in the form of Non-Fungal Tokens. Today, the platform continues to offer high quality services in the NFT field with: NFT projects and launches, NFT real estate and crypto in general.

XREI Token on PancakeSwap DEX (Soon!)

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Binance Smart Chain – XREI DeFi Token Contract

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Procesio – Integrate applications, automate workflows
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VM Consulting – Reitis Owner’s Representative

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Digitizing securities: shares, dividends, bonds, etc.
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Ludor Engineering – From idea to product success
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