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Reitis Automated Trading System

Reitis ATS Software
What is Reitis ATS? Reitis ATS is an automated trading software designed to execute buy and sell orders on the capital markets, 24 hours a day, according to the strategy written in its source code. The strategy developed by the Reitis Capital Team is the result of our capital markets research for more than 15 years.
The main market used in trading is the foreign exchange, also called the Forex market. This market is global, generating $6 trillion worth of transactions daily, making it impossible to manipulate. All financial movements involving the currencies of two different states (countries) go through the foreign exchange/Forex market.
The Forex market moves in trends, up or down. Numerous opportunities are identified in the market every day and there are trading tools that help you take advantage of them, because the essential principle in the financial markets is: history repeats itself.


Why Reitis Automated Trading?

Automated trading system suitable for both individuals and institutions

Why is an automated trading system important?

1. Discipline is very important in trading; its lack, most of the time, potentiates the loss. An automated trading system eliminates the factor of human error, emotions, and does not deviate from established trading rules. That makes it a winning product.
2. It gives you the freedom to use your time for other purposes, which is the only truly limited resource we have in life.
3. It is a beneficial solution for anyone who does not necessarily have the necessary knowledge to become a trader on the capital markets.

Why would anyone use the Reitis Capital Automated Trading software?

1. To diversify sources of income.
2. Because this system can cover part of a person’s annual financial losses. We explain why in the example below.
Example: A person who has €100,000 in savings, held in a bank deposit with an interest rate of 8% (the average interest offered by commercial banks in 2022, in Romania), this year alone would have lost €7,000 of the value of his/her savings, due to inflation (about 15% in the year 2022). Investing some of this money (otherwise lost) in the financial market at the beginning of 2022, would have brought profit as we show next.


Reitis ATS Returns

What are the actual returns of the Reitis automated trading system?
$10,000 invested in January 2022 brought a profit of $31,878 by the end of 2022; that is 318%.
By leasing the software and puting the software robot at work, it is recommended a minimum investment of $10,000.
By leasing it, the trader gets:
– The right to use Reitis ATS for 5 years, by a location contact for the software program.
– Free installation, maintenance, and updates.

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