How does Real Estate Tokenisation Work?

  • September 22, 2022

Reitis real estate tokenisation works for all as follows:
– Enjoying DeFi and/or NFTs? Choose to acquire XREI tokens on decentralized exchanges (DEX).
– Traditional Investor? On the platform, invest in one of below stages of the project’s development.

Real Estate Reitis Buildings

How to participate?

reitis land aquisition
Invest in the 1st Stage of Development – LAND ACQUISITION

Land acquisitions, on which we will construct in the next future apartments or commercial spaces.

planning and design buildings REITIS
Invest in the 2nd Stage of Development – PLANNING & DESIGN

The building is planned/designed, and we will start building very soon on that specific property.

Real Estate Reitis Buildings
Invest in the 3rd Stage of Development – CONSTRUCTION & RENOVATION

This specific building project is already in the process of construction or renovation.

Reitis rent and sales
Invest in the 4th Stage of Development – RENT & SALES

The building is done and is designated for rent. If a building brings immediate added value, transparently we will sell it and share the profit with investors.

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