What is the Value of xREI Token?

The value of Reitis DeFi Token [XREI] consist in the fact that it can be used for trading, farming, staking and voting on DEX, and for buying NFTs. The liquidity of XREI Token is created on PancakeSwap DEX. Besides excellent features of a DeFi token, XREI has the advantage of being used in the future to buy NFTs.

Also, all the constructions made by Reitis Capital and all services which result from the development of the real estate projects will be available for purchase by the final Client with the XREI token, or fiat currency.

The sale and rental offers published by Reitis Capital will have a promotion that will benefit the purchase with XREI Tokens against fiat currency. By motivating the Client to use Reitis tokens when purchasing real estate properties or services, we increase the currency’s demand and implicitly its value.