What is Reitis?

Reitis is the real estate development tokenization project started in October 2019 and launched in BETA stage in June 2020. REITIS Project consist of the following powerful components:
I. Reitis Capital OU (LTD), as the first global Blockchain Real Estate Corporation of People (BRECoP)
II. My.ReitisCapital.com secure online investment platform
III. Reitis Power Ledger (Blockchain), an in-house private blockchain technology and ledger, which includes XREI Token, Wallets, and Smart Contract, as follows:
– Reitis [XREI] Token, a Security Stable Token
– Reitis Wallets: (1) Web wallet, (2) Stocold Reitis staking wallet, (3) Reitis wallet card
– Reitis Smart Contract, in-house, designed by Reitis Team
IV. Reitis Security Token Exchange (RSTE), a secondary market option for offering total liquidity to real estate asset investors and traders.