How Reitis Works for Investors?

  1. We Buy, Renovate and Build:

Reitis Capital finds and closes the deals, renovates, builds and/or buys properties, negotiates the financing.

  1. You Become a Member and Invest:

After the deal is closed, Members (Buyers & Investors) become partners in the actual real estate or choose to join Reitis Capital Investment Fund, not a traditional REIT, not a ETF, bond or stock; but a real Fractional Property Ownership. After the property is acquired, Investors own a certain amount of square meters of the property, expressed in the number of XREI Tokens they hold or gain passive income from the investment fund.

  1. We Create Value and Income:

Our portfolio of properties generates monthly income through rental payments from our creditworthy tenants (private persons and businesses). We sell properties to people, families, etc., directly or through our future Loan Program, with a secure Buy-Back program.

  1. The Investor Is Paid:

The investors then are paid through 11% stable STAKE from the rent, sales and implicitly,  from the value of XREI Token which will be traded on secondary markets.

Reitis - Real estate corporation of people