Frequently Asked Question


What is Reitis?

Reitis is the real estate development tokenization project started in October 2019 and launched in BETA stage in December 2020. REITIS Project consist of the following powerful components:
I. Reitis Capital OU (LTD), as the first global Blockchain Real Estate Corporation of People (BRECoP)
II. secure online investment platform
III. Reitis Power Ledger (Blockchain), an in-house private blockchain technology and ledger, which includes Reitis Tokens, Wallets, and Smart Contract, as follows:
– xREI Loan (Debt) Token, a Security Stable Token
– iREIT Dividend Token
– Reitis Wallets: (1) Web Wallet, (2) Staking Wallet, (3) Reitis Debit card
– Reitis Smart Contract, in-house, designed by Reitis Team
IV. Reitis Exchange (RE), a secondary market option for offering total liquidity to real estate asset investors and traders.

What is the Goal of Reitis Project?

Reitis is a unique real estate project, which stands on 3 notable pillars (goals):

  1. Freedom of Investment, an open market that is liquid, transparent, immutable and affordable
  2. Security of Investments, through a strong security system and by its Stocold device, designed in-house by Reitis Labs
  3. Wealth Distribution and Equal Opportunity, to all investors, non-accredited and accredited, personal and institutional

Reitis Project’s aim is to empowering people through property ownership and alternative retirement plan, and giving real estate back into the hands of true owners!

What is the Mission of Reitis?

Reitis’ mission is to allow people to invest in fractional properties and gain profits by participating in the real estate sustainable projects.

What is the Vision of Reitis?

“The Kingdom of Heaven is like treasure hidden in a land. When a man found it, he hid it again, and then in his joy went and sold all he had and bought that land.” (Matthew 13:44).

REITIS (the Real Estate Investment Trust of Iasi) is the first Blockchain Real Estate Corporation of People created with the purpose of empowering individuals to become skilled real estate investors and to get the financial freedom we all deserve!


Is Reitis a Global or an European Project?

Starting from 2021 – the full deployment of Reitis go-to-market action plan includes new offices and entering new markets. globally. Future development includes the full deployment of Reitis go-to-market action plan with new offices and new markets. The next very important markets include the USA and Asia.

Is Reitis Platform Legalized?

Reitis platform starts with the tokenization of European real estate being easily adaptable to global markets. From startup, REITIS [XREI] Tokenized Securities will comply with regulations of European Union jurisdiction.

What is My Reitis Capital? is a secure online investment platform – based on Blockchain Technology and Smart Contract – that offers Fractional Property Ownership (FPO) to everyday Investors.

What is Reitis Platform? is an investment platform that enables everyday investors to tap into considerable wealth from owning a fraction of real estate, as the latest blockchain mechanism in real estate – called real estate tokens – enables investors to own fractional property. Any investor becomes a stakeholder of a property in virtue of buying tokens that represent a portion of the value of their investment.

What is the Value of Reitis Tokens?

Reitis Dividend Token (iREIT) is an income generating token designed to consistently increase in value over time. Reitis aims to emerge as the market leader in medium to long term property income generation, where profits are paid to token holders in the form of Dividend. This will allow anyone to take part in the profit making from property income by just owning a single token.

Reitis Debt Token (xREI) is a property backed income generating token designed to consistently increase in value over time. Reitis aims to emerge as the market leader in medium to long term property income generation, where profits are paid to token holders in the form of Interest.

What is Yield?

Yield simply means “rate of return” or “return on investment” (ROI). When it comes to commercial real estate, yield is the annual income based on the investment, usually in the form of rental revenue. This would be represented as a percentage of either the asset’s total cost or current estimated value.


Is Reitis a Decentralized Network?

iREIT Dividend Token created on Reitis distributed ledger, is decentralized by its nature, which acts as a database for real estate assets, being shared across a network of people and computers, where each node receives an identical copy that cannot be altered.

Reitis DeFi Token [XREI], as the name suggests, is a decentralized financial asset created on BSC Protocol and used for transactions on decentralized exchanges (DEX) and for buying properties (including real estate NFTs) built by Reitis Capital.

What is Reitis DeFi Token [XREI]?

Reitis DeFi Token [XREI] is a BEP-20 type DeFi Community token used for trading, farming, staking and voting on DEX, and for buying NFTs.

On PancakeSwap DEX users can do multiple transactions:

  • Buying – Deposit XREI tokens to earn above-average yields;
  • Trading – Earn fees by trading (exchange or create liquidity);
  • Farming – Deposit LP (Liquidity Pool) tokens and lock them up to earn rewards;
  • Staking – Create nodes and make the network safe while yielding rewards;
  • Swapping – Convert one token for another using swap exchange;
  • Voting – Governance votes to adjust the behaviour of the protocol.
What is the Value of xREI Token?

The value of Reitis DeFi Token [XREI] consist in the fact that it can be used for trading, farming, staking and voting on DEX, and for buying NFTs. The liquidity of XREI Token is created on PancakeSwap DEX. Besides excellent features of a DeFi token, XREI has the advantage of being used in the future to buy NFTs.

Also, all the constructions made by Reitis Capital and all services which result from the development of the real estate projects will be available for purchase by the final Client with the XREI token, or fiat currency.

The sale and rental offers published by Reitis Capital will have a promotion that will benefit the purchase with XREI Tokens against fiat currency. By motivating the Client to use Reitis tokens when purchasing real estate properties or services, we increase the currency’s demand and implicitly its value.


Does Reitis Have a Social Component?

Reitis Capital distinguishes itself by its CSR agenda that sets its ambition to create better places that respect people and the environment, with the aim to contribute to better villages and cities in emerging areas. The social component includes:
– Reitis Social Centre of Excellence (RSCoE) – consisting of different social projects.
– Reitis Labs – a startup for smart device conception and manufacture, for creating futuristic, disruptive applications for real estate, financial, and other industries.

What is the Blockchain Real Estate Corporation of People (BRECoP)?

BRECoP is the first in the world Blockchain Real Estate Corporation of People, a business structure created for empowering people through Fractional Property Ownership (FPO), Passive Income Investment Plan, by offering interest (xREI token) and dividends (iREIT token) to crowd investors globally. It starts with offering an average annual stake of 7 to 25%.

What is the Legal Structure of BRECoP?

The legal structure of BRECoP is: REITIS CAPITAL OU (LTD) EE, REITIS CAPITAL DEVELOPMENT SRL RO, and REITIS CAPITAL LTD UK. The Joint Venture is created by the Company in Estonia and the Operating Company Reitis Development SRL in Iasi, Romania.


How Reitis Works?

Investors can contribute at each development cycle, from land acquisition to renovating, building, renting or selling.  Using our and investors’ funds, we create value and give back interest (through xREI token) and dividends (through iREIT token).

Which is the Development Process?
  1. First Stage Developments – The Land Acquisition

For the money spent on this type of property, the investor gets the amount of Reitis digital assets which represents the square meters of the apartment/house which will be built on that land, according to existing plans and approvals.

  1. Second Stage Developments – Planning & Design

For the money spent on this type of property, the investor gets the amount of Reitis digital assets which represents the amount of square meters of the building which is planned, designed, and will be built on the designated land.

  1. Third Stage Developments – Construction & Renovation

For the money spent on this type of property, the investor gets the amount of Reitis digital assets which represents the amount of square meters of the existing building which is constructed or renovated.

  1. Fourth Stage of Developments – Rent & Sales

For the money spent at this stage, the investor gets the amount of Reitis digital assets which represents the amount of square meters of the existing apartment/house for sale or rent.

Blockchain Real Estate Corporation of People

Why Blockchain Real Estate Investments and Not Traditional Ones?

Traditional financial institutions are still reluctant to blockchain or crypto projects. Crypto entrepreneurs and business owners have faced significant problems trying to access the most basic of banking facilities. The $280 trillion real estate sector is fraught with problems! The real estate industry is highly capital-intensive and less liquid than other markets. Retirement plans and pension funds are not sustainable anymore. These are weighty problems for private persons and for business owners. Through the application of the Blockchain technology to real estate industry we aim to resolve some of these issues, as much as possible.


As an Investor, can I Also Buy a Property (Apartment)?

Yes, an investor can choose between buying an entire apartment or own a fraction of an apartment through buying tokens.

Can I Follow Each Developments Progress?

Yes, you will be able to watch live activity on the construction sites.
All your transactions are very transparent and seen on the Explorer
Also, you will see the development progress on your dashboard on the Investment Platform

How Does it Track My Profits?

On you dashboard you have all data about investment(s) you have made.

How Much Investment is Required to Get Involved?

It depends on your budget, and it starts with as low as €10 up to millions, according to the value of each development project.

How Reitis Works for Investors?
  1. We Buy, Renovate and Build:

Reitis Capital finds and closes the deals, renovates, builds and/or buys properties, negotiates the financing.

  1. You Become a Member and Invest:

After the deal is closed, Members (Buyers & Investors) become partners in the actual real estate or choose to join Reitis Capital Investment Fund, not a traditional REIT, not a ETF, bond or stock; but a real Fractional Property Ownership. After the property is acquired, Investors own a certain amount of square meters of the property, expressed in the number of XREI Tokens they hold or gain passive income from the investment fund.

  1. We Create Value and Income:

Our portfolio of properties generates monthly income through rental payments from our creditworthy tenants (private persons and businesses). We sell properties to people, families, etc., directly or through our future Loan Program, with a secure Buy-Back program.

  1. The Investor Is Paid:

The investors then are paid through 11% stable STAKE from the rent, sales and implicitly,  from the value of XREI Token which will be traded on secondary markets.

Reitis - Real estate corporation of people

What is Fractional Property Ownership (FPO)?

The Fractional Property Ownership (FPO) is the equivalent of a fractional property (a piece of real estate measured in square meters) owned by a token holder.

The concept itself isn’t new; in the 1960s, the idea of shared ownership gained popularity through timeshares, where multiple people could purchase a share of time at a property like a vacation resort. Later crowdfunding platforms have offered FPO for crowd investors. The problem with these types of FPO offering is that they aren’t very transparent, not so secure, not very liquid, and quite costly.

The blockchain technology have helped a lot to resolve some of those issues, as the blockchain investment platforms are very secure and transparent, very liquid by offering immediate fractional property trading, everything at very low costs. Fractional property ownership is a smart way to invest and own.

What is Passive Income Investment Plan (PIIP)?

Through PIIP (Passive Income Investment Plan) members are rewarded for their investment by 5-25% variable annual stake (interest or dividend), paid yearly from the value of iREIT Dividend token.

What is the Exit Time for My Investment?

The Interest is at your disposal next month after investing, and the principal period of holding is minimum two years. The Dividend is at your disposal every year.

What is the Reitis Exchange (RE)?

RE is a secondary market option for offering full liquidity to real estate asset investors and traders. REITIS is changing the way people invest in properties, by making real estate market liquid and available to all investors!

Will Reitis Tokens be Listed on Other Platforms & Exchanges?

Yes, in the Full Stage of development xREI and iREIT tokens will be listed on our exchange and on many other exchanges.

Is Reitis System Transparent?

At this moment, Reitis Users (Members) can make investments in EUR on platform. Each investment is covered by a legal contract published on the platform. Besides the actual 5-25% Debt stake, starting from July 2022, we will offer Dividend Tokens. On the blockchain and explorer the value of tokens can be tracked in real time. The Investor’s Dashboard has permanent statistics, tracked in real time.

Which Are the Fees and How Fast are Reitis Transactions?

Reitis offers faster and cheaper transactions than any bank or payment processor. The fee is only 0.0001 XREI tokens (or 0.08 euro cents) per transaction, doesn’t matter how big it is! No 5% to 10%, as on many centralized crypto platforms and exchanges apply; and not 10% to 25%, as at banks and non-bank financial institutions.

Which Are the Steps to Create an Account?
  1. 1. Create your free account

Investors who are seeking to diversify their portfolio can register for an account and become Members of the first blockchain real estate corporation of people.

  1. 2. Validate your ID and load your wallet

Complete your profile by validating your identity; load your wallet with: Revolut, Wirex, Debit card, Crypto, SEPA, Bank wire.

  1. 3. Compare investments

Look at the projects listed and choose the one that fits your investment plans or choose to invest in Reitis without tightening your account to a specific project.

  1. 4. Select your investment

Choose the right investment to satisfy your goals and then invest; start gaining 7-25% annual interest next month after investing for xREI token, or take Yearly Dividend for iREIT token. Always be aware about the risks involved with any investments.

Register here!

Which Currencies Are Accepted?

At the beginning we accept EUR and BTC. In next development stage we will accept more fiat currencies (USD, GBP, RON) and more cryptocurrencies.

Which Fees are Applied by Reitis for Real Estate Transaction?

Very Low Fees: My.Reitis.Capital platform offers easy access to real estate investment opportunities, with very low transaction fees (0.0001 XREI or €0.08 per transaction) and small investment amounts (as low as €10).


Is xREI Token a Stablecoin?

xREI as debt token and it can be considered a very stable coin, not in the exact sense of Stablecoins backed by fiat currency, but it is backed by real assets, such as durable real estate buildings. These buildings have a constant value of €1200 up to €1800 in the area we buy and/or build now (Romania), such that xREI Token has the features of a powerful Stablecoin!

What are Reitis Tokens?

A Digital Asset / Token which is calculated as the equivalent of 1 (one) square meter of a property at the value of €800/square meter, with an attached Staking property of an average 11% annual stake (interest). xREI is  offered by Reitis to the investors in their wallet, and it is legally recorded on Blockchain.


iREIT is a Digital Asset that falls under Dividend Token category and it represents the variable value of a dividend paid annually (APR of 7-25%). Its main characteristic is that 90% of Corporation’s profit is shared with the Reitis Community. iREIT token is legally recorded on Blockchain.

What are Reitis Wallets?

DeFi Wallets, Web Wallet, Staking Wallet, Reitis App for Android and Apple, and Reitis Card, all for crowd investors and people who care about their finances.

What is a Smart Contract?

Smart contracts allow creation, allocation and management of programmable securities in form of tokens (digital assets), which would automatically enact important processes, e.g. automated interest or dividend payouts, etc.

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a technology and a digitized database that captures transactions so that they cannot be hacked or changed. This digital ledger records transactions which are grouped into blocks. When one block is filled with enough transactions, another is created and added to the chain, hence the name “blockchain.”

Each new transaction is duplicated and distributed across a network of computer systems, in that way ensuring that every transaction is recorded all over. No one is in control of the blockchain, making it a decentralized platform where everyone has access to the transactions, ensuring transparency and security.

What is Dividend Token?

Dividend Token is a Security token and the latest method for representing value in the real estate market where your rights to a specific asset are captured by means of owning a digital token. Once you acquire an iREIT Dividend Token, the security of blockchain technology guarantees that no one can interfere with the value or ownership of your token.

What is Reitis Power Ledger?

Reitis Power Ledger (Blockchain) is an in-house private blockchain technology and ledger (register) for creating tokens, wallets, and smart contract. It includes iREIT Token, Wallets, Smart Contracts, Explorer..

What Tokenization Means?

Tokenization is the process of issuing a blockchain token (security token) that digitally and legally represents a real asset.

Real estate tokenization is a process in which real estate shares are created as digital dividend tokens on a blockchain. Tokenizing a real estate project gives investors unprecedented access to private real estate investments, transparency, and liquidity.

In our case we tokenize the real estate development business – Reitis Capital – and create a dividend token named iREIT.


Are Transations Protected and Secure?

Blockchain may not be a cure-all to real estate fraud, but various applications of this technology have the potential to add a layer of protection to real estate developers, investors, buyers and sellers.

How Transparent is Reitis?

Reitis offers in-house real estate and blockchain ledger with high security, low fees, high level of transparency through its:
– Explorer;
– Investor’s Dashboard;
– Permanent visibility on what happens in the Company through bi-annual reports;
– Permanent visibility on what happens on the development sites through video recording.

How Will Reitis Store and Secure Proceeds?

We intend to prudently manage the Reitis assets, and accordingly manage deposits of fiat currency and cryptocurrency carefully to ensure capital asset protection. Assets and currency is reserved and exchanged from/to Eur or other fiat currencies when needed. Management will not speculate, nor permit high risk activity relating to such currency trading/movement on the capital subscriptions received for Investors. High standards of hardware wallet storage (offline) are in the process to be implemented to provide additional security.

Is Reitis Offering Solutions for Asset Protection?

Reitis, like gold or bitcoin, can offer protection against both economic and political uncertainty.  At the start of 2020 many people saw the political and economical turmoil, so that people are looking for an asset that would not only protect against inflation, but would also be very secure, easily portable, private, and also easy to hide from prying eyes.

Is the Platform Regulated?

Our business is in the process to become fully compliant and will honor anti-money laundering (AML) laws and other pertinent regulations. We are not using Blockchain technology as a way to circumvent any security laws or EU regulations. Our project is based on a solid business plan, is backed by our assets and future earnings, and is intended to return interest, dividends, and investment growth to investors.