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FAQ of Reitis

FAQ of Reitis Project

FAQ Answer:

Reitis Capital is a Premium residential and commercial real estate developer who has tokenised its business and facilitates people’s access to real estate by sharing its profits with investors.

It is a combination of genuine real estate construction sites linked to technology, software creation, and fintech.

Thus, Reitis becomes the first in the world digital Real Estate Corporation of People (RECoP), where the digital world meets the real estate actual world (RWA).

FAQ Answer:

Reitis Team aims to empower people to invest in the future of their children by living in a cleaner environment! We believe that people around the world should be empowered to participate in these unique moments in history, the new form of enterprise.

We’ve named shared capitalism, where anyone who joins the rEvolution (real estate evolution) can build her/his own business through the Real Estate Corporation of People (RECoP).

Thus, we allow ownership entry to individuals and groups who freely consent to trade a fully decentralised token, in order to get easy access to real estate investment and affordable bio homes.

FAQ Answer:

In 10 years, Reitis will help 1 million people – XREI token holders and traders – to become successful investors in real estate and satisfied owners of affordable homes.

  • Respect for Our Customers:
    Our customers needs are always our concern. We listen and do our best to serve them in an exemplary manner.
  • Respect for Employees:
    Our employees are the pulse of the business as they work and spend most of their time in the workplace. We help them build affordable shelters. We create social facilities for their families, such as: medical care, kindergartens, canteens, libraries, playgrounds.
  • Respect for Investors:
    As they want a return on their investment, our investors are just as interested in the success of Reitis business as we are. We care a lot about what they say and we always consult them in making decisions.
    To find out more, join the Community Network!

Reitis is a unique real estate project, which stands on 3 notable pillars (goals):

  1. Freedom of Investment, an open market that is liquid, transparent, immutable and affordable
  2. Security of Investments, through a strong security system and by blockchain technology
  3. Equal Opportunity and Wealth Distribution to all investors, non-accredited and accredited, personal and institutional

Reitis Project’s aim is to empowering people through property ownership and alternative retirement plan, and giving real estate back into the hands of true owners!

Enterprise-grade Investment Platforms

Reitis-crowdfunding is a secure online investment platform, based on crowdfunding and blockchain technology, that offers fractional property ownership to everyday Investors (in MVP stage).

Reitis Rental is a secure online rental platform – based on blockchain technology – that offers rental and hospitality services for hosts and guests. 

FAQ Answer:

Reitis Capital Ltd specializes in Real Estate Development, software development, and crowdfunding activities. The crowdfunding activity is legalised according to Article 3(2) of the ESMA (European Securities and Markets Authority) Prospectus Exemptions Regulation.

Starting from 3-rd of January 2025 – the full deployment of Reitis go-to-market action plan includes entering new markets globally by launching the new Rentil rental platform.

Reitis Capital Company as the Corporation of People

The legal structure of the Reitis Holding includes:

REITIS CAPITAL LTD as Real Estate and Software Development Company located in the UK.

The UK Company joint ventures with the Operating company Reitis Capital Development SRL located in the City of Iasi, Romania.

Reitis Community Network (RECoP) is the first in the world Real Estate Corporation of People that functions as an online community available for all XREI token holder.

A real world asset business structure created for empowering people through fractional property ownership.

Reitis Capital distinguishes itself by its social agenda that sets its ambition to create better places that respect people and the environment by applying circular economy, with the aim to contribute to better villages and cities in emerging areas.

As the first “Real Estate Corporation of People“ —for people to gain financial freedom— we aim to develop social business and charity projects as well.

Cross Centre of Excellence (CCoE), will be —not a pointless building— but a digital FAITH CENTRE for:

(a)Teaching finances based on biblical principles;

(b)Teaching new technology to empower people;

(c)Helping unhoused to acquire affordable shelters.

The way we build

For more information, contact us or subscribe to Reitis Telegram Channel and/or Reitis Youtube Channel.