Crypto Friendly Banks in Europe, April 2021

Let’s Start with Possible Alternatives…

Be aware that any of the below listed banks or financial institutions try to offer crypto services but they all belong to an old system that is not fully opened yet to new technologies, so your account might be suddenly and sadly frozen anytime!

For your safety, try to find a Company that offers custody service and works directly with an exchange. With that option you don’t have any problem with your bank because you do not send funds to the crypto exchange directly, but to the custody Company which is a service and not an exchange.

Look for their fees, some are very high. I’ve found Etana Company that works with Kraken Exchange, but the fee is very high ($35 per transaction!). For some of you, Swissquote ( ) from Luxembourg could be such an option.

As of April 2021, below I am listing some blockchain-friendly European banks and financial institutions.


What I say many times about me and my country is: “I am married with 1 beautiful wife, having together 9 wonderful kids and 17 terrific grandkids, living in Romania, a country with fantastic landscapes, nice people and wrong politicians.”

So, not much regulation about crypto and blockchain here and the banks are scared about dealing with projects like crypto exchanges or asset tokenization companies. However, there’s hope as the future is in using technologies in the financial system.

WISE (former TransferWise) – offers RO IBAN accounts. Asking their support about payments in crypto their answer was: “We do process payments sent to Wise from cryptocurrency exchange platforms, but we do not process transfers sent from Wise to cryptocurrency platforms and it isn’t allowed to top-up cryptocurrencies accounts with a Wise card.”


Solarisbank – a forward-thinking bank in Europe, also offers a crypto custody.


SEBA – It offers payment, transfer, and card services for the traditional and digital industry.
DUKASCOPY – Multicurrency including fiat, crypto, forex, and more accounts.


BANK FRICK (Liechtenstein) – well-known crypto-friendly bank and partner of Ledger SAS.


AGRIBANK – takes the business that the bigger banks refuse, but at a price.


OROUNDA – Offer corporate bank accounts with direct IBANs; it names itself a crypto-friendly bank.
WIREX – New startup, well funded, but still struggles to offer banking services, including promised bank accounts.


MISTER TANGO – provide banking to exchanges like, Itbit from, Coingate, and EXMO.
Bankera – had an ICO but didn’t do much to develop, so it seems a tad shady. I wanted but gave up to open an account with them as they asked to pay in front about 400 euro fee?!


MERCURYO – New payment processing service provider with bank features, but in my humble opinion not very convincing yet.