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How does Real Estate Tokenisation Work?

Reitis real estate tokenisation works for all as follows: – Enjoying DeFi and/or NFTs? Choose to acquire XREI tokens on decentralized exchanges (DEX). – Traditional Investor? On the platform, invest in one of below stages of the project’s development. How to participate? Invest in the 1st Stage of Development – LAND ACQUISITION Land acquisitions, on…

Decentralised Finance - XREI Token

How to Add XREI Token on Trust Wallet

GET XREI TOKENS – THE BANKLESS BANKER’S BLOG (BBB) – At this moment recommend to use the following DeFi wallets, which are safer than any other browser based wallets: Trust Wallet and/or the very user-friendly Infinity Wallet (coming soon in another article). GET THE TRUST WALLET How to set up and use Trust Wallet? Trust…


The Financial Freedom Part 1- Your Own Bank Creation

Digitalization, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, NFTs, PIIP The digital era – blockchain technology, distributed networks, bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, new financial products – brought to us financial opportunities that never have been available, nowhere in the world! Specially for beginners, but not only, I am presenting below my personal journey from old OTC to the new digital era of…


Reitis Social Projects

Reitis Social Projects By giving you’ll achieve! (N. Steinhardt). Harmony & Hope Association helps disadvantaged children and the elderly without jobs. Fly High Romania is the place where learning is a joyful experience for children!  


The Security of Your Investment When Using Blockchain Technology

We all know a bit or more about Bitcoin. While Bitcoin is a household term and blockchain is ready to enter every possible industry, there are problems facing blockchain adoption. Let’s see what challenges are holding back blockchain mass adoption, and how to overcome them? What Is Blockchain? Blockchain technology is the system, and bitcoin…