Author: Teodor Muntean


Investment opportunity in Constanta City, Romania, near the NATO headquarters

Profitable real estate investment: business building B+G+2, built in 2009, 18 rooms (separate rooms, perfect for companies, institutions, or large families). The building is in the downtown of Constanta City, Romania, near the NATO headquarters and Institute of the Navy, and has a usable area of 580 square meters (6243 square feet). – City: Constanta,…


What is the 1-st Real Estate Corporation of People?

The concept of a “Real Estate Corporation of People” isn’t a specific term or entity widely recognized in the real estate industry. Real estate corporations typically refer to companies or organizations involved in buying, selling, developing, or managing real estate. (Source: ChatGPT). Reitis Capital Team have created Reitis Community Network, as the 1-st in the…

Decentralised Finance - Reitis

Reitis Circular Economy Groups – How They Function?

Reitis Circular Economy Groups — Biolife (micro bio-farms and bio-homes); token holders can choose to live anywhere in the world, by local involvement or by easy relocation. Circular Economy (CE) Applied by Reitis Reitis CE Principles: — Freedom of living anywhere by easy relocation, — Protecting environment through circular design of construction materials, — Careful material…


XREI – Reitis Token is People’s Freedom of Choice

XREI Token — The simple way to real estate investment and ownership! XREI Token - The easiest way to real estate ownership! Reitis Token Technical Characteristic: XREI TOKEN — Fully decentralised; XREI smart contract will be transferred to the public, for 100% decentralization, trust, transparency, and increased security of investments. Token's Unique CODE FEATURES: -...

The Financial Freedom Part 1- Your Own Bank Creation

The Tokenisation, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, NFTs, PIIP The digital era – blockchain technology, distributed networks, bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, new financial products – brought freedom and financial opportunities that never have been available, nowhere in the world! Specially for beginners, but not only, I am presenting below my personal journey from old OTC (over-the-counter) to the new digital…


Reitis Social Projects

Reitis Social Projects By giving you’ll achieve! (N. Steinhardt). Harmony & Hope Association helps disadvantaged children and the elderly without jobs. Fly High Romania is the place where learning is a joyful experience for children!  


The Security of Your Investment When Using Blockchain Technology

We all know a bit or more about Bitcoin. While Bitcoin is a household term and blockchain is ready to enter every possible industry, there are problems facing blockchain adoption. Let’s see what challenges are holding back blockchain mass adoption, and how to overcome them? What Is Blockchain? Blockchain technology is the system, and bitcoin…


Reitis NFTs

REAL NFTs: - Reitis metaverse NFTs and Gameplay will include travel adventures to the cities where we construct sustainable buildings! - On the top of each high building (block apartment, hotel, etc.) we will have a virtual space, a coffee shop, where fractional NFT owners will be able to come and take a coffee with...