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World’s First DeFi REITWorld’s First DeFi REITWorld’s First DeFi REITWorld’s First DeFi REIT


Reitis - The 1st Digital REIT

Where the digital world meets the real estate actual world!
Reitis Capital is a Premium residential and commercial real estate developer who has digitalized its business and facilitates people's access to real estate by sharing 90% of its profits with investors. It is a combination of genuine real estate construction sites linked to blockchain technology and decentralised finance (DeFi) protocols.
Thus, Reitis becomes the first in the world digital Real Estate Investment Trust, where the digital world meets the real estate actual world. Reitis embraces blockchain technology and decentralized finance in the form of XREI token.
We believe that people around the world should be empowered to participate in this unique moments in history, the new form of enterprise. We’ve named shared capitalism, where anyone who joins the rEvolution (real estate evolution) can build her/his own business through the Real Estate Corporation of People (RECoP)!


Real Estate Tokenisation

With a liquid DEX and stock market
Next multiple transactions on PancakeSwap DEX:
- Buying – deposit XREI tokens to earn above-average yields.
- Trading – earn fees by trading (exchange or create liquidity).
- Farming – deposit LP tokens and lock them up to earn rewards.
- Staking – create nodes, make the network safe and yield rewards.
- Swapping – convert one token for another using swap exchange.
- Bringing NFT buzz to the real world! The actual real estate NFTs are a great deal for crypto holders who bought coins in the past and can buy properties at the initial value of their crypto, then sell the property at the current market price with high profits.
- Reitis metaverse NFTs and Gameplay will include travel adventures to the cities where we construct sustainable buildings!


Real Estate Tokenisation Story

Reitis metaverse videovideo-btn.svg

Reitis Capital (aka Real Estate Corporation of People) is created for empowering individuals to become real estate tokens owners and get the deserved financial freedom.


Within 10 years, we aim to help 1 million people (XREI tokens holders) to become well trained decentralised finance real estate investors and fractional property owners.


The first Real Estate Corporation of People (RECoP), based on blockchain and decentralized finance, a business structure created to empower people through fractional ownership.


A tokenized real estate including blockchain technology, decentralized finance in the form of XREI token, and actual real estate non-fungible token apartments and houses.


How does Real Estate Tokenisation Work?

Reitis works for all as follows:
- Enjoying DeFi and/or NFTs? Choose to acquire XREI tokens on decentralized exchanges (DEX).
- Traditional Investor? On the platform, invest in one of below stages of the project’s development.

reitis land aquisition
Invest in the 1st Stage of Development – LAND ACQUISITION

Land acquisitions, on which we will construct in the next future apartments or commercial spaces.

planning and design buildings REITIS
Invest in the 2nd Stage of Development – PLANNING & DESIGN

The building is planned/designed, and we will start building very soon on that specific property.

Real Estate Reitis Buildings
Invest in the 3rd Stage of Development – CONSTRUCTION & RENOVATION

This specific building project is already in the process of construction or renovation.

Reitis rent and sales
Invest in the 4th Stage of Development – RENT & SALES

The building is done and is designated for rent. If a building brings immediate added value, transparently we will sell it and share the profit with investors.


Why Reitis?

Anyone can start with as low as €100 or in tokens (BTC, BSC, BUSD, USDT) and get the deserved stake! Reitis is opened to:
- DeFi Investors (XREI token and NFTs)
- Traditional Investors (in € and/or $)


Join IDO on TrustPad (50% off) and/or on DeFi Reitis Platform and get XREI (BEP-20 standard) DeFi tokens.

crowdfunding icon

Invest € or $ on our crowdfunding platform, sign online a legal contract and gain a variable interest of 5-25%.

dividend icon

Buy and hold XREI tokens and become an equity (dividend) holder in Reitis Capital, as the first Real Estate Corporation of People.

nft icon

Use xREI tokens to buy actual real estate NFTs, and trade them on NFT Romania or other dedicated platforms.


The Timeline

of Our Business

Business Setup

Market research, business incorporation, visual identity, online payment processor, land acquisitions, drafting of legal agreements and contract documents, website, startup capital from the founders

Equity Platform

Launching My Reitis Capital platform for traditional crowdfunding, whitepaper, internal security audit, raising €43K for starting first real estate project development

DeFi and DEX
Started in 07.12.2021, in progress

- Creating XREI DeFi token on BSC (Binance Smart Chain); creating DeFi platform in progress (Feb-March 2022); starting XREI Token IDO Launch on TrustPad platform; Price 50% off

Promotion & Development
Jan 2022, In progress

Creating awareness social media groups, launching Pre-sale and IDO campaigns on different Launchpads, complete crypto licensing, finishing translations, and external security audit

Reitis Metaverse
Start in September 2022

Real estate NFTs for selling apartments, gameplays, virtual and real travel adventures to the cities where we construct sustainable buildings!

Network & Business Growth
August 2022-June 2032

Issue debit card, payment app, continue listing on exchanges; in 10 years, reaching minimum 1M XREI token users and creating minimum 1M jobs for unemployed


Token Economics

The blockchain technology and allows us to tokenize real estate, as: DeFi tokens, equity/dividend tokens, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

- XREI (eksrei) is a BEP-20 standard, a Community reward token;
- Total supply = 50,000,000 tokens;
- Allocated for the Community on DEXs = 42,500,000 tokens (85%);
- Community, marketing, security, development budget = 7,500,000 tokens;
- BSC Contract: 0x4376ba3a5bd82a1026f4a02869c54f80daeca300
- Transacted on PancakeSwap, other DEXs, and on Reitis DeFi Platform.

- Take over the power of real estate in your hands!
- XREI token holders will become actual dividend shareholders in the first Real Estate Corporation of People (RECoP).


Distribution of Tokens

  • The total of 42.5M XREI tokens (85%) allocated for the Community on Decentralised Exchanges and DeFi platform: Total distribution as PAYMENT means for TRADING and STAKING on DEX markets, and for buying, renting or lending real estate NFTs (apartments), backed by square meters of residential and commercial buildings listed on the platform.
  • The total of 7.5M XREI tokens (15%) allocated as follows: Charity (1.00%), Marketing (5.00%), Management & Development (4.00%), Bonus Pool (1.00%), Security Fund (3.00%), Reserve Fund (1.00%). Locked for 2 years, after that: linear vesting for 1 year.


Frequency Asked Questions

Reitis is the first in the world digital REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust), where the digital world meets the real estate actual world! A combination of genuine real estate construction sites linked to blockchain technology and decentralised finance (DeFi) protocols. It is created for you as the first global Real Estate Corporation of People (RECoP) with 90% of company’s profit going to dividend holders.

Reitis believes that people around the world should be empowered to own tokens in real estate and to participate in this unique moments in history, the new form of capitalism. We’ve named it shared capitalism, where anyone can build her/his own real estate business through RECoP (the Real Estate Corporation of People).

In 10 years, we aim to help 1 million people to become joyful DeFi real estate investors (XREI tokens), blessed fractional property owners as holders of dividends, and  buyers of actual NFT properties.

Reitis is a unique real estate project, which stands on 3 notable pillars (goals):

  1. Freedom of Investment, an open market that is liquid, transparent, immutable and affordable
  2. Security of Investments, through a strong security system of the blockchain
  3. Wealth Distribution and Equal Opportunity, to all investors, non-accredited and accredited, personal and institutional

Reitis Project’s aim is to empowering people through property ownership and alternative retirement plan, and giving real estate back into the hands of true owners!


Advisory Board

Sergiu Reitiscapital law consultant
Sergiu Agachi Stratulat
DeFi & Blockchain Legal Advisor

Legal expert in decentralized finance and blockchain technology

Doru Cantemir ReitisCapital Partner
Doru Contemir, Phd
Senior Engineering Advisor

Expert in mechanical engineering, robotics, 3D printing, and Internet of Things (IoT)

Florin Reitis AI consultant
Florin Cardasim
Artificial Intelligence Counsellor

Business developer, AI powered products creator, software architect

Ioan Doroftei, robotics
Ioan Doroftei, Phd
Robotics & Engineering Advisor

Robotics Teacher at “Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University of Iasi


Partners for Success

IBC Consulting Partner of XREI


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